Ashley Madison Agency - Ashley Madison Agency, hard to meet the guarantee

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 at 7:30pm CDT by 71a80e17

Product: Full Guarantee (have an affair)

Company: Ashley Madison Agency

Location: Limited 20 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 1200 P.O. Box 2055
Toronto, On, M4R 1K8, CA


Category: Other

below r just 3 emails between me & the company that should explain. i have SEVERAL MORE... "Cino48" is my user name.

namely i've contacted over 40 women for a 'date' & none has been interested. u'd figure at least ONE would be. i feel the site is bogus and they make the guarantee impossible to fulfill. they also do NOT provide you with an easy way to keep track of the guarantee, setting the client up to FAIL.

unsatisfactory purchase ($249), tried to resolve but have not been satisfied by company. misleading information re: product.



dear Jacqueline:

i just spoke with "customer service", u weren't in today.

as i mentioned i was not able to access the xl file u sent thus i was not able to track my usage (see prior email thread).

i asked for a refund - DENIED.

i asked for an extension of dates since i wasn't able to access info needed from ur website - i was DENIED.

i also found the rep i spoke to 'snotty'.

perhaps your guarantee should list that "the user has to keep up with their transactions & that the "Ashley Madison website can only handle the last 20 transactions or the site can't keep up"... which i was just told by CS. what a lame excuse.

unless this is cleared up tomorrow 9/29/10 i will dispute these charges thru my bank, BBB, via the web, ETC. since i'm VERY unhappy, etc.





i HAVE tried calling only to be on HOLD for too long as time for me to wait.

i CANNOT access the file u sent. i've tried several times. if u can simply send me the 'count', etc.

also, the present month should be extended until i know my count, etc.

i'll try again & try to contact u via phone.

- Cino48



can u please update me on my Guarantee status, what else i need to do?

i've tried for a few weeks now & cannot meet anyone AND i cannot chat with the 20+ people i've tried to contact becos they have their chats off all the time OR are not online.

i'd simply like to request a refund at this time.




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