Samsung - Samsung - Incompetent, Lazy, Unhelpful

Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 3:21pm CDT by 3adfadcb

Product: colour laser multifunction CLX-3175

Company: Samsung

Location: CA


Category: Other

In summary: tech support gives an extremely lackluster, uncaring response that offers no help nor no paths to get help.

Technical problems with their website combined with their refusal to allow email replies prevent any sort of meaningful communication without me starting a new ticket from scratch, which I am loathe to do after seeing the effort spent on the first response I got.

The details:

Used the support form, because I get a 'hardware I/O error' all the time using the smart thru software from samsung to scan. While using 'quick scan' from their 'scan manager' app works every time, but is limited.

I gave lots of detail. This is what I got in response:

"Thank you for submitting your inquiry to Samsung.


From your description, the hardware is fine. The software should work, too. Maybe there is some software on the computer blocking proprer communication for SmarThru."

According to the email I received, this is it. You can't reply to it. If you are unsatisfied, there is a 'click here' button, which takes you to a form, that looks very much like you are submitting a new request, except it some of the fields filled in. (But not all as you might expect).

Regardless, I try to fill out the form. However, it has not pre-filled my address, although postal and so forth IS filled. And the field is locked, so I cannot enter the info in.

But it's required, so I can't submit the form. QST ID if it means anything is QST_ID=17730903


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