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Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 9:26am CDT by 287f6980

Product: Cozy Bike

Company: Omega Stores

Location: 121 - C North Plains Industrial Rd
Wallingford, CT, 06492, US


Category: Other

I purchased an electric bike from this person last year and never recieved a certificate of origen which is necessary to legally register. After many phone calls, e-mails, and threats, he finally e-mailed me a copy. However, the state requires and original copy.

For some reason this person who owns Omegastores won't give out his name. He lies on the website, telling people that these bikes don't need to be registered and that is not true. Many states require it. I have no idea why this person will not give me the certificate, but the bike is useless to me if I want to ride it without wondering about a ticket (Pennsylania ticked for unregistered ebike-$106.00)

Look at other websites about this guy. He lies about many things. He also tells me he will not sell me spare parts because I've complained about him. You'll see that about many things he sells. All he has to do with me is to send the damn cerificate but he won't.

Because I've complained to the company in China about this certificate, he tells be that he won't sell me spare parts, which means when my battery reaches the maximum charges (160-200, but who knows with these guy, he lies just to lie) I'm screwed because it is not really a pedaling bike as the pedals are just for assisting the electric motor.

Do not buy this bike if you need to legally register it. Check your state regs about that and do not believe anything he tells you. There are much better quality bikes out there and they actually have customer service and documentation to show that their products are in this country legally.

Again, search all over for complaints about Omegastores, and save the money and aggravation.


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