Bell Mobility Service is the worst

Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 at 11:03am CDT by 7ccbdb28

Product: Bell mobility and mobile internet

Company: Not Available

Location: Toronto, CA

Category: Other

I bougght the MiFi mobile wireless internet and had to return based on a recall that the batteries were overheating. After waiting much linger than expected, I rec'd my new unit and does not work. I have now called customer service, tech support, management and retention over 20 times and they claim it's not their issue, it's a hardware problem. They sent me another unit. Funny enough, I have 2 MiFi's and one turbo internet stick here with return envelopes. None of the MiFi's are working and all they want to do is to send me a 4th unit and return the other 3 which involves paperwork and a drive to the Purolator store. I spend about $1000 on Rogers service and tried to use Bell to see the difference. Well, 2 out of 2 they have failed miserably. You don't even want to know what happended to the Palm Pre return process when the speaker jack failed to work. Bell has proven to deliver the abosulte worst service and customer care I have ever experienced. Cameron McCuaig I hope you read this and realize that your organization has failed badly!


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