iboats - Returning Useless Boat Prop Almost Impossible

Posted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at 6:21pm CDT by 0e916a05

Product: replacement propeller for outboard motor

Company: iboats

Location: 170 Election Road Suite 100
Draper, UT, 84020, US

URL: http://www.iboats.com/

Category: Other

We ordered a replacement propeller from iboats for our outboard ski boat. The propeller we received did not work with our engine. The boat shivered and shimmied as soon as we started the motor. We realized right away that the propeller was wrong for the engine. So we removed the prop, while the boat was still in the water. We put on an old prop instead, and the next day we returned the iboats prop. Iboats refused the return. They sent the propeller back to us, claiming that since the prop had been in the water, it was "used" and therefore unreturnable. But there was no way we could have known it wouldn't work with our engine without putting it in the water. So we called our charge-card company, said we were denying the charge, and sent the prop back to iboats again. Today we found the prop, in its same box, sitting on our porch yet again. So we phoned UPS and they are coming again tomorrow to pick up the prop that nobody wants. We have no intention of ever paying for this prop, since it was wrong from the start. We'll be sending a copy of this message to our charge-card company. We will never again order anything from iboats, because we're having such a tough time getting them to take back a piece of merchandise that simply does not work on our boat. By the way, we have since ordered two other props from another company, and they both work fine.


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