FPL - FPL NO Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at 1:19pm CDT by a6550d44

Product: Electricity

Company: FPL

Location: P.O. Box 025576
Miami, FL, 33102, US

URL: http://www.fpl.com

Category: Other

FPL customer support is horrendous! We paid FPL $2500 in the last 30 days. 8 days later one of their representatives showed up at our door demanding $500 we asked very politely if he could wait 1 minute (60 seconds) and he told us NO! I am shutting off your power! can you belive $3000 in 1 month 1 week for a small house??

We had to drive 4 miles from our home to a pay center and pay them $500 to have our power re-connected and when we called them they told us "we will have someone out there in 24 hours".

Unbelievable!! They cant wait 60 seconds for us but expect us to wait 24 hours for them. We have 3 children in our household and one has severe asthma but FPL didn't give a damn!

Then to reconnect our power they demanded we have a police escort with them.

I guess this company has NO respect for the people paying their salary. We ALL need to stand up and put this monopoly out of business!!


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