Scotts 4 Step Rebate - Never Again

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 at 7:45am CDT by 7377c053

Product: Scotts 4 Step

Company: Not Available

Location: US

Category: Other

Spent several hours and many emails trying to get my 4 Step Rebate. I even pointed out that I would never buy their products again FOR LIFE. They did not seen to care. This is after 15 years of using their product.

Why is this the case?

Because of all the household details on the rebate form I put my work number (because I get enough BS calls at home). It turns out somebody else at work did the same!

Shame on Scotts for not hearing me out, not even making a call to speak to me. Is this what Crporations believe is customer care? If so, I see no hope in sight.


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