Roseville Auto Plaza

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 at 12:55pm CDT by c8733314

Product: Automobile

Company: Roseville Auto Plaza

Location: 305 Riverside Avenue
Roseville, CA, 95678, US


Category: Other

I test drove a vehicle on Sat 9/25 around 5 pm. I dealt with David, the salesperson. I liked the vehicle but was not ready to purchase at the moment as I needed to think about it overnight, and the car was very dirty. I gave a deposit of $300 to secure the car until the following morning (Sun) so I could look at it one more time, and they would have the car cleaned by then. I returned the very next morning, Sun 9/26, and inspected the vehicle further. I drove it again and determined that it was just not the right car for me. I told David this and requested my deposit back, this was less than 24 hours since the deposit had been placed. He said I needed to speak to Will, the manager, on Monday morning (9/27). I called Will the next morning (9/27) and he said he'd have to "think about it" (re: returning my deposit). He requested that I come to him in person. I said that is not necessary as the deposit was on a credit card, and I simply wanted him to return it. He became belligerent when I told him this was not a negotiation and I just want my money back. He said he'd "call me back", and has not. I've been unable to get hold of him. It was a very unpleasant experience and I was never loud or rude. There was never any sales or purchase agreement signed, nothing was ever given to me in writing or told to me that the deposit would be non-refundable - it was simply a deposit to secure the car until the very next morning where I could inspect it further.


Robert Allyn L., 2010-09-28, 04:17PM CDT

A deposit is a comitment to buy, it is also a way for you the purchaser to get out of that legal comitment buy surrendering your deposit, either by not contacting the dealer or by telling him you do not want the car.

The dealer is under no obligation to return the money unless you have a written signed agreement that says so.

You entered into a legal agreement without reading it or understanding the implications.

c8733314, 2010-10-15, 03:29PM CDT

Sadly, you are is not legal in California for a dealer to withhold a deposit, this might be different in other states. You can research CA vehicle law, or contact Occupational Licensing, the dealer must return your deposit, assuming that no sales agreement was in fact written.

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