Hertz - Hertz - South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 at 11:02pm CDT by 283065e5

Product: Car Rental

Company: Hertz

Location: 9407 Bachman Road
Orlando, FL, 32824, US

URL: http://www.hertz.com/

Category: Other

Im a customer who was sent to get a loaner car from my car dealer through Hertz Rent-a-Car South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL.

But unfortunately, when the sales person, she explained to me about their LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) costs $19.99 and PARTIAL DAMAGE WAIVER (PDW) costs $31.99 policies. She used the Misleading and Dishonest Sales Presentation.

False: 1. She tried to mislead and confuse me that I had to accept either WAIVER above, which means I CANT decline both.

Truth: 1. Actually, I do have the right to decline both of them, they are OPITIONAL.

False: 2. She dishonestly lie to me that both WAIVERS above will be ONLY charged when I hit something besides human, such as Door, Tree and Wall etc, which means I DONT need to pay any payment unless I hit something.

Truth: 2. I ended up to be charged LDW $19.99 which I forced to pick by dishonest presentation. The whole story suddenly changes after I signed the paper when she did mislead me to.

False: 3. As a sales representative, she NEVER acknowledge client that these policies will be charged immediately, therefore it causes me cant realize in time that everything that she explained were all misleading to misunderstanding.

Truth: 3. The LDW or PDW will be charged immediately no matter you hit something or not.

False: 4. After this happened; there is NO Branch Manager to call back for details. All its happened is just let her to call me back for another dishonestly explanation. Without any apologies and she even threat me to let me take 3 options. First: accept $10.00 credit back. Second: accept $25.00 Gift Certificate. Third: GET NOTHING. She actually threatened client for her mistake and let client shut the mouth up or get lost. This behavior was completely against a business regulation in any type of industries in any countries, especially in a democracy country like United States.

Truth: 4. Thats a Hertz Rent-a-Car which is big and famous in their business field. But for what their staff did was totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Other clients like me should have rights to know what really happened and deserve a fair justice.

Her colleague and somebody else, even you might ask why she would do this. Because she heard my conversation with another clients that I came from another foreign country and it is my FIRST time to rent a car. That could be or actually was her original intention which she just wanted to simply take advantage of people who like me.

Then again, even Im a new comer (the truth is I have been US for years) and Im a new user for rental car (because I always have my own car) should NOT give her any chances or excuses not to only do the business by cheating and misleading, but also for her horrible and insulted way to deal with the issue caused by her during the after sale service.

For what she had done went a way too far and it does cause the damage of trust and Hertzs reputation.

I hope Hertz Headquarters can help to do warning for all of the FIRST TIME USER or the INTERNATIONAL CLIENT to watch out what they are going to go through.

Never listen and trust the sales, only rread by your own eyes of the paper you need to sign, but still it's not recommended to rent a car from them, you never you will fall in a trap by their "SMART" sales.


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