AT&T - AT&T billing antics

Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 at 2:13pm CDT by 4405f25f

Product: AT&T Residential Service and DSL

Company: AT&T

Location: 333 Commerce St #420
Nashville, TN, 37201, US


Category: Other

12 transfers, 2 'disconnects' where I had to dial back in, and 10 different answers later...I have been receiving a bill from ATT that has moved to collections. However, 5 departments at AT&T show that I have no outstanding balance. The DSL department claims they have no record of a tech picking up equipment but they DO have proof that that tech hooked up my old equipment. I have been double billed by ATT for months. 2 departments stated they couldn't find my phone number (of 12 years) in their system. 1 rep said she found the phone number and told me how much the person that owns that # NOW owes (still not resolving my issue). The residential billing department stated that DSL could zero out my acct since I was paid in full...but in talking w Ms. Mann - she ran me around so many circles I am out of breath. At the end of over TWO HOURS of NO service...I was told that the ONLY resolution is to WRITE A LETTER and hope that someone reads it. I was told if I wanted to talk to Ms Mann's manager Ivy McAllister, or HER manager Lena Barton that I had to hang up and call back and ask for them. OF COURSE when I did that I was told they were unavailable to take my call. In the meantime, I was sent to collections on A BILL THAT I DO NOT OWE and I cannot do anything about it. I am frustrated, discouraged, and seriously disgusted at the lack of service, and the lack of response and help from the no-service agents.


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