Petco - At Petco,animals DO NOT come first

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 at 7:47pm CDT by a7bf5a2d

Company: Petco

Location: Spring Cypress 22511 State Highway 249. Houston, TX 77070
Houston, TX, 77070, US


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Hi I'm Amy a recent employee at Petco. I have called numerous people in the corporate offices,pet hotline,BBB,peta,even emailed 2 news channels. And Petco is still not doing anything about it.I am feeling helpless.These snakes (the ball pythons) are covered in mites and no one has done anything about it. I quit because my GM would not let me clean the reptile section,he said I had to shock dog toys or dog food instead of cleaning the snakes which I offered to do.When I told him well what about at Petco animals always come first,and then he cut me off in mid sentence and said well if you dont like our policy you can leave,so I quit right then and there. I never quit a job before.I am not going to sit back while these poor snakes are dying.They are not feed properly either. Their cages never have been cleaned.The entire reptile section is infested with mites and no one cares but me.Maybe because a lot of people hate snakes, but they are beautiful creatures that are misunderstood.Me being a huge snake lover,this makes me insanely mad. I am going to keep emailing and calling everyone I can about this. Please help them . Like i said. I will NOT stop until this is fixed.

And,When i recently went in to get my last check,the GM told me i over reacted,and that no snakes had mites,they were" little black dots"..yeah,little black dots.hes obviously covering his own ass because other employees told me he knows i reported him.The store also smells HORRIBLE because no one wants to clean the ferret cage.

Also,other employees told me they NEVER cleaned the snakes,so the GM lied to me.I HATE PETCO.they should not be allowed to sell animals.they sell animals knowing those animals are sick.This has to stop.A vet doesnt even come in there to check on the animals.They dont even call the vet when an animal is sick.The back room,the "wellness" room,is fully stocked with sick neglected animals.All they care about is dog food,since dog food is 50% of their sales.Screw petco.Animals DO NOT come first.


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