hoffman group - They send what they want NOT WHAT YOU WANTED

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 at 10:32am CDT by 86f4257f

Product: Seatbelts

Company: hoffman group

Location: Portland, Or, US

URL: http://SeatbeltCity.com/

Category: Other

When I called SeatbeltCity.com and spoke to Gary I was VERY specific that I needed a replacement seatbelt for a Toyota Corolla sedan, VIN, year etc. were provided. So there could be no reason for an incorrect part showing up at my door.

When it arrived over two weeks later the mechanic said they sent a seatbelt for a TRUCK and it won't fit in a car!

I called the company and their response was it's a universal seatbelt. They send an incorrect part and I'm stuck with it. "Them's the breaks" To return the incorrect part that they sent - NOT what was ordered I have to pay for shipping both ways $40.

I called the credit card and am having it disputed.


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