Protection One - Protection One Not Protecting

Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 at 12:53pm CDT by aa5aa85b

Product: security alarm

Company: Protection One

Location: 1035 N. Third St., Suite 101
Lawrence, KS, 66044, US


Category: Other

II'm a small business owner and my store was broken into on September 6th. Fortunately, nobody was in the store but the burglar managed to break open the safe and steal our cash. I immediately called Protection One to ask why the police werent sent out and they told me that they never received the alarm signal. After digging deeper, it turns out that my alarm system has not been functioning since September of last yeara full year ago! Protection One claims that they run monthly tests to determine if the alarm is operational but in my case, theres a problem with my alarm panel so they were unable to run the monthly tests. To make matters worse, even if they could run the tests, theyre instructed to only leave a message at the store even though the store is not the primary contact number Im instructed them to use since Im typically not at the store. Protection Ones response is that my contract states that Im responsible for testing my alarm every month. Theyve done nothing to confirm why their equipment is defective or accept any responsibility for the fact that they couldnt run the monthly tests and most importantly respond to the burglary.

Security is the type of service that you never fully appreciate until you need it and Protection One has fallen well short of standing by me during this time.


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