saule transport - truck company big wages rip off

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 10:33pm CDT by 99a32a69

Company: saule transport

Location: bruthen, vi, 3885, AU

Category: Other

i worked for this company sauls transport bruthen for a piriod of about three months i found out i was getting more work to do and driving over work log book hours to do the job and then found out that i got way less pay than other workers the owner was forcing me to drive illegal hours unsafe loading and unloading overloading with timber from mills in vic then abuses me for flashing my head lights at car that pulled out in front of me when coming down big hill with less than 30 meters from intersection at bottom of hill car pulls out in front of me and nearly causes a crash having me to slam on brakes nearly tipping truck over i then get sacked for flashing my head lights what joke this person nearly killed me and was friend of owner of company saule transport bruthen vic dont work for this guy he will drive you illegaly under pay you then run you from one side country to to other with out pay??????? shonky opperator


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