ezber law office - never buy a tissot watch

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 9:31am CDT by b8d91ca0

Product: tissot touch

Company: ezber law office

Location: Cumhuriyet meydan? senler ishan? k:1 no:107
Edremit7Bal?kesir, TR

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Four years ago I have bought a tissot touch model from singapour.2-3 months later the touch screen of the watch didn't work.I have sent the watch to the official service in Turkey.They have repaired it and sent me back.But this problem has acooured for four times ,at last I have written to the headquarters of the factory and demanded for changing the watch for a new one.They accepted and sent me a new one ..But unfortunately this one again started the make the same problem..2 or three times later I have told to the company that I don't even want to hear about a touch model .So they sent me a mecahanical one..And told me that I could extend the warranty of the watch to three years by registering in internet ,so did I ..After 2,5 years later the watch began to be late 10 min. per day..So I have sent it to the service ..They told me that there was a problem with the engine of the watch and they could repair it for 150 $..I have tald them that the guarantee of the watch hasn't expired yet.They have told me that the internet files was lost so they had cancelled all the extended warranties ...

So I have understood that The longest life of a Tissot watch is no longer than 2,5 years..If you think that this time is enough for such an expensive watch to wear ,then you can buy it !! But I will not..By the way meanwhile now I am wearing a china made watch which I have bought nearly the same date of tissot,and it is still running without a problem..


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