elders real estate bairnsdale victoria - elders real estate big rip off

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 10:57pm CDT by 99a32a69

Company: elders real estate bairnsdale victoria

Location: bairnsdale, vi, AU

Category: Other

elders realestate wont fix hot water system,drive way leaking water pipes,power serges in house hot water system has no meter running 24/7 huge power bills because of put in repair request's no help totaly ignored we tell estate we moving they say to pay exit fee from lease only 30 days left on lease and want us to pay rent untill new tenants found they asked for $19to exit the lease contract then lied to other estates we applyed to then lie to them when they contact them for references saying we arenot good tennats and have payed our rent on time every time every week have all reciepts this realestate dont care about tennats just theremoney we hev since desided to move with out there concent or not then we get notice to vacate one day before the notice to move out one week prior to giving notice to vacate so they want us to move one day ealer??? what a joke and sham this is shonky realestate dont rent through them


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