cfa bruthen - cfa missconduct

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 10:20pm CDT by 99a32a69

Company: cfa bruthen

Location: bruthen, vi, 3885, AU

Category: Other

Yesterday 21 sep 2010 I heard the call for help over two way radio for shed fire at a property near sasfield Victoria 3885 responding was bruthen fire brigade as pass a buyer had said location,

I was aware of this location and as I was traveling to the location to provide help if needed,

On the way I had been travelling behind fire truck which was not going over current posted speed limit and was unable to pass or over take,

Twice during the transit to the fire location the fire truck had slammed on his brakes and reversed in front of me while I was travelling behind him without warning or respect to any road users he just reversed back at me going backwards up a hill he then again did the same thing at another location to take side road which he had missed because he did not know his area to respond efficiently in timely manner as I was going to the same location

I had to reversed my car twice to allow his access when I arrived at the scene the bruthen fire truck driver got out of his truck and asked

I quote' who the Fuck are you, his words,

I told him that I was soon to be a worker for dse Victoria and here to offer assistance if I am needed, he responded by saying that I don't like it when people follow my fucking truck you shouldn't fucking be hear so Fuck off I asked for his name but was told to Fuck off a further three more times by this driver from bruthen fire cfa in front of owner of property and fellow cfa members

I have just completed the bush fire awareness cert and forestry operators license and crosscut cert, and other training as required to gain employment with the dse witch will be selected in DEC 2010 this year my concerns are that he spoke to me like someone whom needs anger management and he had no right to speak to me the way he did nor was he justified in doing so, I was just offering help, further more his conduct in front of property owner and other cfa members he was quite rude arrogant and swearing in front of house owner was not what I thought to be good practice of conduct instead of fighting the fire he yelling screaming at me to Fuck off ????

This is not the first time I had problems with this fellow as little time after moving to bruthen location Nov 2009 had offered my services as vol cfa to be told, youre not needed here don't come back, now this I cannot help think this person has some other agendas towards myself that I don't know about I have had no personal or professional dealings with this person nor have I meet prior to these two incidents.

His conduct was abusive yelling swearing in front of property owner and cfa no regards to other road users by reversing backwards up a hill in the middle of the road failing to turn off truck indicator while traveling and not allowing time for other road users to act to his intentions of missing his turn and just slamming the brakes on twice also the use of the truck was violent when he reversed back up the hill the back of the truck was jumping violently up and down the back wheels of the truck jumped up off the road while trying to reverse it up the hill

If this person is not reprimanded for his conduct I am going to follow up my complaints to other gov parties and the media, and a public apology from this person, I don't care if it cost me my job with dse I will endeavor that this person be recognized for his misconduct publicly.

It is my thought that the cfa bruthen is volunteer service why did he refuse my help and enrollment in the cfa but did it with rude and arrogant intentionally?

Thank you


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