Direct Commerce Academy - Phony Internet Scam

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 11:20pm CDT by 787b673a

Product: Start Your Own Business at Home

Company: Direct Commerce Academy

Location: Belize


Category: Other

Offers your own internet website to market products. Cost $2.97 to get started. They show glowing testimonials (phony) and claim publicity from TV networks (probably all bogus).

Only $2.97 gets you started to making several thousand dollars -- daily.

First they get your credit card for the $2.97 then they start offering upgrades. The first is a $1,200 package for only $139. Carefully check "NO THANKS" and it then becomes available for about $70. Another "NO THANKS" get you a "how about $60 for the same deal? Another "no thanks " gets an even better offer of $49 LAST CHANCE EVER.

I checked NO THANKS to all offers. So far out only $2.97 on my debit card.

At this point I did a Google search for Direct Commerce Academy and found dozens of fellow suckers that had been hit with a second charge for $139 with promise of half refund or no refund.

I called my bank and they said cancel my old debit card and get a new one so no further charge can be made. My bank said this is common and thousands of customers go through this.

Conclusion: Direct Commerce Academy is another of hundreds of internet marketing scams. Phony and a rip-off.


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