EmpireToday - Home Improvement/Flooring

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 10:47am CDT by 9e1b0dc3

Product: Carpet

Company: EmpireToday

Location: 9401 Southridge PK CT.,Suite 600
Orlando, FL, 32819, US

URL: http://www.empiretoday.com/

Category: Other

Re:EMPIRETODAY:First of all let me say that their ads are very decieving, I paid for every bit of carpet that was laid. I told the salesman that I didn't want a carpet that showed every vaccum mark and footprint like the one I was replaceing, he assured me that the sample he showed me wouldn't do that. Well it did and after 2 months I called to complain about this and was once again assured that after a little more time it would stop along with all the fuzz I was collecting in my vaccum cleaner, of course they have no record of this phone call. I have had the carpet professionally cleaned and it is still doing it. I complained once again and was told that for $125.00 they could send an inspector out to see if it was in the manufacturing of the carpet or just the way the carpet was suppose to react, they wouldn't say what they would do to correct the problem. Now, why should I pay $125.00 to have someone come out after I have already invested over $3,000.00 in carpet that looks like crap and 10 yrs. old when it is only 18 months old. I would not buy carpet from them again nor would I reccommend the company to anyone.


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