Vacasa Rentals - Vacation Rental Ripoff

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 12:19am CDT by 9c0ef934

Product: OR - Netarts - Doe Hill Cottage - ORNE7

Company: Vacasa Rentals

Location: 1923 NW Kearney
Portland,, OR, 97209, US


Category: Other

When I contacted Vacasa about this rental I told them I was looking for a 5 night stay, from Monday through Friday. I was quoted a price of $440 for the time I requested. I then did the math and said it was a good price at less than $90/night. The reservation agent agreed with me. He said nothing about the price being anything more than that. (At the time I made the reservation the website did not fully explain the pricing structure but just gave a range of $85 - $110 per night and the only way to find out if it was available, and exactly what the cost was, during the time you wished to rent it was to call Vacasa. That has now changed on the site as they have updated it since I had a problem with them.)

When we read our reservation confirmation with driving directions and key lock box combination the checkout time was on the 4th day, and we didn't notice this until we were more than halfway to our destination. We called at our first opportunity and all I could get from the same guy who made the reservation with me was that the price was $110 a night. I asked him why he didn't say anything when I had commented that the price was $90 a night and all I got was silence. I then asked why he made the reservation for 4 nights when I had said 5 nights and he gave me a song and dance that taking reservations was very confusing. I feel that I was lied to from the very beginning as if I had been told that the price I was to pay was $110/night, and only available for 4 of the 5 nights we needed, I would not have rented it.

We ended up having to stay only 4 nights and then rent another place somewhere else, at a reduced rate, but having to spend half of our last full day of our first vacation in 19 years moving to a town 15 miles away was a major bummer.

Now, as to the condition of the rental itself..... When we opened the door and walked in smell of mildew smacked us in the face. We opened all the doors and windows and let the wind blow through the house for 3 hours before the smell dissipated enough to not be noticeable, and we kept the windows open that night and the next day.. Two days later we went to town to eat supper and had to close the house up because it was very cool that night. When we returned the smell was back. The only way to keep it down was to keep the windows open and let the wind blow through the house.

That wasn't the only problem with the house. It had black garbage bags full of garbage lined up along the deck in front of the house for the first two days of our stay. The coffee maker was useless as the carafe and the coffee maker were from different manufacturers. That caused the carafe to not hold the drain on the brewing cup open during the coffee making cycle resulting in coffee running all over the counter when the brewing cup overflowed. There were also carpenter ants or wingless termites crawling around on the floor, and the wooden deck chair on the outside deck was rotten. Pieces of the arms of the chair had broken off exposing fully rotted wood. Oh, and we had to wash all cooking and eating utensils before we could use them. The frying pans were covered with grease. The bottoms of the salad/mixing bowls were covered in a mixture of salt and grease. The plates were dirty too with what looked like mouse turds on the top plates. (We used paper plates and plastic cups the entire time we were there.)

One last problem with this house. The rental agent told me there were three futons in the loft. This is a lie, as there are no futon frames to be found, only three futon mattresses lying on the floor of the loft. And, the "queen bed" in the main bedroom was just a mattress on a steel bed frame with no box springs under it so that you sleep at about 14" off the floor with no headboard so your pillows tended to end up between the bed and the wall by morning. With the bed being so low it is very difficult for anyone with bad knees or a bad back to get into and out of bed.


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Anonymous, 2010-09-02, 01:50PM CDT

This was a simple misunderstanding. The guest and I were talking for some time on the phone initially and he said he wanted to stay Monday through Friday (4 nights) so that is what I booked for him and we sent him an email confirmation that day. He didn't notice that he intended to book 5 nights and stay until Saturday until a couple of days before the trip and the house was already booked by another guest for Friday night. We have not received any other complaints at this house regarding cleanliness or the other issues he mentioned. We also did not receive a call from him about any of these issues so I find that very interesting. I thought our response in giving him a half price rental on a really nice home for that last day was a nice gesture on our part for something that I did not think was my fault. I never argue with guests so I guess the "silence" he mentioned was me refusing to go on discussing something that was clearly a misunderstanding. You can also get online quotes directly on our site so the only way to get rates is not by calling in and the rates that I quote are the same as the rates on the site. Instead I was focused on accomodating him as best as I could which I thought I had done until I received this complaint from a third party source which was the first I had heard from him since the conversation we had about adding the additional night. We go out of our way to ensure that every guest has a good experience and we ask guests to contact us if there are any problems during their stay so we can take care of problems right away. I am suspicious of this complaint due to the fact that a) We did not receive a call when they arrived or during their stay complaining of any of this even though our number is displayed on the door and the check in sheet located in the house and b) another guest checked in the night after they left and had no complaints whatsoever. Our housekeepers do an excellent job and consistently get high marks on reviews and as I mentioned, if guests expectations are not met, we immediately do everything we can to accomodate them. I DO NOT adjust prices because someone thought they booked more dates than they did. Our prices are displayed on the website and you can also get online quotes so we are very up front about our pricing including the cleaning fees and taxes that apply and we send a confirmation right away to ensure that each guest knows what dates they have booked. Regarding the futons, this is a 1 bedroom house and there are 3 futon mattresses available in the loft but the main bedroom has a new queen bed. The loft is generally meant for kids to sleep not people with disabilities as the stairs leading to the loft are steep themselves and there is not a lot of overhead room. I would never suggest that someone with a disability sleep in the loft.

32182f5e, 2015-02-26, 03:29PM CST

I saw their ad for rental of condo at Diamond Beach. The dates I wanted were available, and I sent them my money. The next day the sent a form, for me to review and sign. I sent them back an email stating I was traveling and not able to deal with this till I get back home. And was told okay. Now that I am back and reading form, Line A of form was not mentioned anywhere in their ad, so I called and now have spoken with 3 different people. They keep giving me incorrect information and say they will refund, minus 5%. I said, no, since this was not made clear when I sent in my money, you should refund entire amount. We are talking about 78.00 and for me it is principle! I have rented units in these condos many times and have never had this happen. When you call Vacasa, they give you the run around and refuse to let you talk with anyone else that may be able to help. Had I known of their unique customer service, I never would have done business with them. I spoke with Aryanna, Leslie, and Katrina. Katrina admitted she could refund the entire amount, but because I am now upset and angry over this, she didn't want to do refund. I have never dealt with anyone or any company that talked and lied to me in almost every sentence.

John T., 2015-09-05, 01:30AM CDT

Stay away from the Vacasa thieves- our place in Seattle had a strong odor and the hot water in the shower did not work. This company sucks and lie about the problems to cover their asses. Buyer beware.

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