King Pontiac Buick GMC - Treated Horribly!

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 1:59pm CDT by 33a56425

Product: King Pontiac Buick GMC

Company: King Pontiac Buick GMC

Location: 16200 Frederick Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD, 20898-7340, US


Category: Other

Fell in love with a vehicle, but unfortunately, then found out my credit sucks and I couldn't get financing through this dealership (my salesman sure lost that twinkle in his eye and the bounce in his step when he'd told me I wasn't approved!) I immediately secured my own financing and repeatedly called the salesman who never had the common courtesy to return a call! I had even left him a voice mail that I had financing, still no call. I returned to the dealership to talk to his boss (not in), then his boss' boss, who made me wait so long that I left (after leaving a note with the receptionist to have HIS boss call me - nepotism - it's his dad! Like I'll get satisfaction?) So the guy who kept me waiting calls me right after I pull out of the dealership and tells me the car's been sold, but he has others that are nicer and with less mileage. Not what I want (& turns out they don't accept the bank I was going to use anyway, so it's a moot point) - and the heck with the car - I'm upset that they can't return a phone call! I suggested they treat customers with bad credit nicer (he said he'll take it into consideration ;)

I will never (even when my credit is fixed :) buy a car from this place or any of their franchises. I just wanted to post a complaint because they made me feel worthless and invisible :(


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