Comcast Cable - Comcast Runaround

Posted on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 9:20am CDT by 4c9bcda3

Product: Installation

Company: Comcast Cable

Location: US

Category: Other

Well I ordered up cable TV and High speed internet. We set up a date for them to come install it in my new apartment. I go off to work and i get a call from Comcast saying that they cant get in, and they need to redo the install date. I call my fiance and ask about why he wasn't let in. She sed he never came! I called them back and sed he wasn't there there like we are sorry let get you a new install date I sed sure thinking a close buy date. Nope its like 5days from the old one. So today roles around and he is sapost to be here between 7-9am I get a call at like 8:30 saying the technician cant get in. I look out the door there no one there! I look down to the main door for the building and still no one is there! I told them no one is here. Well turns out wrong building on the order form he by the office! I tell them that they say I need to get the address changed so I call customer service. They end up shutting down my account making a new one and guess what? A NEW INSTALL DATE!!!!!!!!!! In order for me to keep my new job I need internet, well looks like comcast might have screwed the pooch for me on this one!


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