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Posted on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 at 2:35pm CDT by ffb61aed

Product: Moving

Company: First Choice Movers

Location: Seattle, Wa, 98116, US


Category: Other

My move with First Choice Movers brought unfortunately very negative experience. There were many issues in all stages of my move from Washington to Florida.

1. Appear Time Accuracy at Start Point.

Instead of the scheduled start of 8:00 am, the movers arrived at 8:30 pm and finished their packing well over the midnight. As a result several boxes were not labeled at all and didn't arrive to the destination point. So they are lost so far. As an additional side effect of finishing the packing very late my family and I had sleepless night before our 9 hours long flight to Florida the same morning.

2. Cost Estimate.

The cost estimate was far from being correct. The difference between the original and finale cost estimation and the actual money we paid was substantial - $4500 jumped to $7500. And all these happened in spite of providing them the detailed list of all my items included into the move.

3. One month free storage myth.

The contract stated that in addition to the move I will be getting a 1 month free storage. In fact I have got only about 2 weeks storage. They counted 2 weeks long driving time from WA to FL as the storage time which is ridiculous. In addition to that FirstChoiceMovers overcharged me by $600.00 for a 1 month storage - no storage doesn't cost that much.

4. Appear Time Accuracy at Destination Point.

At destination point movers arrived to my apartment with almost 12 hours delay- Instead of arriving at 10:00 am as was promised they arrived at 7:30 pm and as a result they could finish moving boxes only by around 2AM in the night.

5. Assembling/Disassembling Furniture.

Also according to the contract, the movers are liable for disassemble and assemble the furniture in the move. Although they did disassemble furniture at start point, but they did not do anything at the destination point. This doesn't come at a big surprise as the company sent us random people who were not trained to do that kind of job - movers even appear without any tools at all.

6.Damaged/Lost Items.

Several boxes are missing; many items are damaged and could not be repaired.

Bottom Line: First Choice Movers Company is AWEFUL!!! Will never use their services again and will do everything possible to protect any potential customers from having any business with them in future.

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cd6b18d5, 2010-09-20, 03:28PM CDT

We are sorry to hear about the way the move transpired but it doesn't seem to us that we are the company that this customer is referring to. This company doesnt even have the same name as us. There is a FirstChoiceMovers but it is not us. First, it is not our procedure to arrive at a customer's house so late at night. This would not be very safe for any of our crews. All of the other complaints also sound questionable as we offer Onsite Estimates to give Not to Exceed prices to our customers for these size moves. Additionally, we never charge for storage while a customer's items are in transit. We would need more information such as a cutomer's name, telephone number, ect. to even try to correct such an ordeal. If this is a customer and not another company trying to slander our name, they should have our contact information and contact us so we can remedy the situation. Thank you for giving us the chance to respond to this possible complaint.

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