Complete Carpet Care - Rude insane company

Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 4:19pm CDT by 121109bf

Product: Carpet Cleaning

Company: Complete Carpet Care

Location: 12080 Foley Blvd NW
Minneapolis, Mi, 55448, US

Category: Other

Complaint Description:

Foul smelling technician, unable to answer questions, rude telephone person at office The technician called to arrive early, interrupting a previous appointment, showed up foul smelling and wreaking of body odor and cigarette smoke. After he identified that my wife had returned from an appointment he said she could let him in to do the work and go back. Let me see, let a stranger in and have access to house and valuables yeah not going to happen. My wife asked a simple question about a truck mounted unit and he said he would phone the boss. Then he just comes in the home and hands the phone over. When questioned whoever was on the phone became rude and said we didn't ask for a truck mounted unit. Not feeling comfortable with the technician or the person on the phone my wife cancelled. This is our right as a consumer and homeowner. The person on the phone called her a "bitch" three times. She neither insulted him or instigated that kind of behavior. When I came home from work to find her upset I called the company. I asked for the owner and the person on the phone stated that he was the owner. I asked what the deal was calling potential customers a bitch and he said she was a bitch. He said he was glad he wasn't married to her. We got into a heated exchange since I am not one to take such insults. I hung up. I informed my neighbors to watch for strangers around the house now. This company is horrible and I would not trust them near my house or family.

Your Desired Resolution:

I just want others to know this company is not professional in any way. All of this could easily have been avoided if they simply arrived when they said they would and explained the service they were there to perform. That would have been easy, they would have made money and got a recommendation. Now I will write to anyone that will listen and never give them the satisfaction. The person on the phone called me a smart guy and he was right, except for my display of anger after he called my wife a bitch again! I will write every one associated with his ad and any referral agencies I can think of. Warning: Don't let these people anywhere near your home or family.


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