Frigidaire Wall Oven

Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 9:44pm CDT by 7007eb79

Company: Frigidaire Wall Oven

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On November 10, 2003 I purchased a Frigidaire Wall Oven and a Counter Top for my

home. I have not used the oven as much as I have the countertop. In August,

2010 I called Norwest Appliance Company in Houston where I purchased the

products. They suggest that I call Royal Appliances in Houston and get a

service technican to come out. On August 18, 2010 I had a service technican to

come to my house for repairs and paid him a total of $81.19. The technican told

me that the hinges were pulling away from the cavity unit and I can't have it

repaired. He also told me that he had seen this happen with these ovens and

Frigidaire has known this for awhile. Instead of Frigidaire doing recalls they

have simply left consumers with the problem.

A call was made to the tech line on this date by the repairman and he was told

that I should contact customer service. I contacted the customer service

department and was told that if I did not have an extended warranty there was

nothing at could be done.

Please assist me in getting this matter resolved.


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