Costco - American Express Costco Card scheme

Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 10:45pm CDT by 62dec2d0

Company: Costco

Location: PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA, 98124, US


Category: Other

They send you inserts in the bill whereby you pay a nominal shipping fee and you get an item shipped you as a reward.

I got charged for a Food and Wine magazine for $36.00. The way this fraud works is - they charge this amount knowing most people won't detect the charge or ask for a refund. I am suprised that a well known company like Costco is a party to this.

Small print: There may be some small print in the material I got in the m ail that may show that is consumer at fault. This complaint may not pertain to Costco - rather American Express or some third party.


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