Sears - Vacuum cleaner from hell , so is the Sears store1

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 5:51pm CDT by 054ca025

Product: Bissell upright vacuum claner

Company: Sears

Location: 1900 W. Lawrence, Chicago
Chicago, IL, US

Category: Other

Well, what a garbage I bought at Sears? Where should I begin? I cannot believe the morose attitude I got from Sears customer service. I bought Bissell Upright vacuum cleaner and it was fixed twice. Twice it hasn't picked up the dirt, and twice the handle on the back was falling off. The first time I brought that vacuum cleaner, the store manager refused to send out for repair, even tough I had bought a protection agreement for one year, The store manager (electronic department)told me me that I abused vacuum cleaner. Anyone care to tell me how? Sexually, perhaps? It took me to contact Better Business Bureau, and they forwarded my complaint to Hoffman Estates Sears corporation. Finally, the manager from Sears corporation ordered manager from my local Sears store at Chicago, to give me new Vacuum Cleaner of the same brand. This garbage also got broken within a year. I only vacuum twice a week , my two-bedroom apartment. Again, vacuum Cleaner got broken, the same machine doesn't pick up dirt, and handle at the back falls off. Brought machine back to Sears on Sept, 3rd, 2010. I called back on 14 of September, got answer that my Vacuum Cleaner was fixed and back at the store. When I came there on Sunday, to my shock I found out that the machine is not there. Manager has no clue who answered that machine is back at the store, even tough the answer came from 1800 number of Repair Sears services. Finally, got my Vacuum cleaner back on 9/14/10. Vacuumed my apartment on 9/15. Guess what? Cleaner worked fine, except, when I tried to clean machine, the dirt canister wouldn't open. because gray funnel is either broken or doesn't belong to this cleaner. On 9/16/2010 brought my cleaner back to the store. Manager accused me that I used it for commercial use, like cleaning up flood. Where would that be at Katrina's flooding last year? Anyway, Customer service sent it back for repair with Recall message, meaning that the vacuum cleaner should be given to me as a new machine. I don't know , i will have to wait another 3 weeks to get it back. I demand new machine or gift certificate for a new machine. Fix it correctly, For Goodness' sake!

Now, I have a huge headache! Where is my Tylenol?


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