Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at 12:57pm CDT by dddb6e51

Product: LG&E Billing

Company: LG&E

Location: LG&E P.O. Box 538612 Atlanta, GA 30353-8612
Louisville, KY, 40203, US

Category: Other

We had an issue with LG*E wanting to shut off our electric last month (AUG) because there was an error made with Bill Matrix crediting our account too much last year. They made us pay 595.47 for Aug to cover our bill and the 295.00 error. On Aug 27 we paid that, and had a zero balance, now on Sept 12, they have sent us shut off notice. Because they are the only electric company around, they think that they can bully and extort people! what they did was paid the contractors too much money, during the ice storm here last year and now they are trying to recoup their money from customers who have had service with them for 20 years. They have raised thier rates and also it seems like they are double billing their customers, they are not even giving people a full month to pay the bill before they shut you off. I have had it with this company and their practices, there is nothing that you can do but pay what they make you pay, but I think that someone should know what is going on with them. They are a monopoly and they treat people this way because they can get away with it.


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