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Posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 9:59am CDT by 430cbc53

Product: Teleflora Wire Service For Florists

Company: Teleflora

Location: 3737 NW 34th St Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Oklahoma City, Ok, 73112, US

Category: Other

I signed up for Membership Services from Telelfora as a florist. I never received their discounts. They took money from my bank account then said I bounced checks on them that I never wrote and refuse to take things off my statement that I never ordered. They refuse to pay me for orders I delivered for them and now have unleased a rude collection agency on me, even though Teleflora sent me a statement that I owe them no money. Correct, they owe me money. I have written the BBB, their rating is B minus.I have also written the state attorney generals office. Now the collection agency Burt & Associates is harassing me with phone calls.Florists do not sign up with these people, you will be sorry. Do not let them get any access to your bank account or they will find a way to say that you owe them money when you don't. This should become a class action suit. If it has happened to me then other florists are getting the same thing. Fraudelent billing practices.

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Allen S., 2014-08-15, 02:26AM CDT

This has happened to us too. After the free (not really free) trial period, the very next month they charged us over $800 in member fees even though we only got about $400 in orders from them. They withdrew the money from our bank and overdrew our account. They sent a check to cover the amount withdrawn but then charged us that same amount on our next statement so we basically just gave that money back to them again. Their statements are so polluted with charges and credits that you could never decipher it. We never have a clue from month to month what our fees are going to be. I would love to find a class action lawyer to take this on.

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