Delta Airlines - Disgust with Delta Airlines

Posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 12:15pm CDT by 30843a96

Company: Delta Airlines

Location: US


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I have been posting this on several different sites and trying my best to get the word out for people to choose an alternate airline...

Incident = Upon making plans to fly to North Carolina in October, I made my initial reservation for only me through with no problems. A couple days later, we decided to add a ticket for our youngest to travel with me. Upon finding out that I could not purchase her ticket through Priceline, I called Delta, and was told I could purchase it through their website.

I proceeded to attempt to make her reservation. Delta's website would not accept my Visa check card number. I was given a message stating that this card number could not be accepted, and to try another card. I do not have any other cards, so I called Delta. I was advised to try a different browser, as the one I was using may not support their website. I tried that, and got the same result, so I called back. This time, I spoke with Heather, who thought it was odd, so she offered to try entering the information for me. She did that, and also received the same message. She informed that I could use a friend's credit card, and she would waive the normal $20 fee for making a reservation by phone...which by the way, I feel is a little ridiculous. I agreed, and called a friend. I called back about 30 minutes later to confirm the reservation for my daughter, and spoke to a different representative who was unable to transfer me to Heather. I went through the process with her once ag

ain, and when she gave me my total, it was $20 higher than I was previously quoted. She explained the $20 fee, and I explained that the fee was to be waived due the problems with the website not accepting my Visa number. She refused to waive the fee, so I asked for a supervisor. I was then connected to Junaid. Again...I explain the whole story, and again was refused, and was told by Junaid that if I didn't want to pay the $20, I would have to go back online and make the reservation myself with the friend's cc number. although frustrated, I proceeded to do so. Of course, Heather had kindly offered to hold that reservation for me, so when I tried to book seats next to mine for my daughter, they were taken on the reservation being held. So, I had to call back again, and ask for the seats to be released. When that was done, I continued on to purchasing her ticket. After entering the credit card information, I was directed to a screen to verify the credit card, which asks for t

he last 4 numbers of the SSN of the card holder. Obviously, I'm not going to ask anyone to give me that information, as I don't find it acceptable or appropriate. So, I call that friend, and she has to make the reservation for me, which she agrees to do.

Finally...5 hours after starting this process, I had confirmation of a ticket purchased for my daughter.

The following, I was balancing out my checking account, and discovered that Delta Airlines was holding almost $900 against my checking account...4 separate transactions from each time the attempt was made to purchase a ticket.

I immediately called Delta Airlines and got the number for their corporate office. I called that number, and after remaining on hold for over 15 minutes, I explained my situation to them. I was told they would not release any funds until I retrieved all the necessary information from my bank. I called the bank and got that information, and called Delta back yet again. It was explained to me by Delta, that the necessary fax would be sent in 2-3 business days for the funds to be released. I explained that this was not an option, as this was not due to my error, it was an error with their website, and I would have several checks trying to clear my account...for rent and for bills...that would be bouncing before that time. After an hour on the phone, I was told the fax would be sent to my bank.

The bank had not received that fax by the end of that business day. So, on the phone to Delta yet again... and I'm told the fax was not sent, but was put in queue to be sent within a couple days. Again, I stress the importance of clearing this matter up immediately, and I'm basically told "too bad so sad". Meanwhile, my rent check bounces.

I try several more times to contact customer care at Delta Airlines, and get a recording stating that they are experiencing a high call volume, and are not taking calls.

I've sent more than one email to them explaining my problem, and have stated the only way to satisfy me, as a consumer, at this point, is for me and my daughter to fly for free in October. I have gotten no response.

I will continue to try contacting them. In the meantime, I am telling everyone that I possibly can to never fly Delta Airlines. And I, myself, will certainly not have them on my top list of airlines to use ever again. Their complete lack of customer service is beyond disappointing.

I will continue to spread the word wherever I can to not fly Delta.

And I will also plan on shipping my belongings to where I will be staying as 1) I don't trust Delta to get my luggage to my destination and 2) I've discover that their charge per bag is $60...outrageous!!!

Also...on another bank tells me this is a frequent problem they have Delta Airlines, but have not had this problem with other airlines. That tells me that Delta Airlines has a faulty system that they choose not to change.

Nice way to lose customers...

Damage Resulting = I have to try to explain to my landlord, and anyone else whose checks have bounced from my account, what happened, and how it is not my fault. Neither Delta Airlines nor my bank will agree to composing and official letter from their companies on their company letterhead to prove this was not my doing...


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