Upscale Comfort - Upscale Comfort - online scam

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 1:04pm CDT by f94ea8a2

Company: Upscale Comfort

Location: 731 Duval Station Road Suite 107-174


Category: Other

I ordered a pair of shoes from this company, paying through PayPal. They sent me an email on August 2nd claiming that they had shipped. I STILL (on 9/14/10) haven't received them. I have called, emailed, and even sent an actual letter, and have gotten no response. I have also called the post office, who couldn't help me because Upscale Comfort didn't send me a tracking number.

EDIT 9/15: I did hear from Upscale Comfort finally! It was an email snafu rather than an intentional scam. They're slow to answer email, but I did evenutally get a response, and it has been worked out.


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