Dell - Not so awesome computers

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 8:25pm CDT by 3bc0fa11

Product: Dell's Inspiron 1525

Company: Dell

Location: AUSTIN, TX, US


Category: Computers, Software

This is not just about the Inspiron 1525 which is not sold anymore in favor of newer Inspiron models, this is about all of Dell's computers and what they call customer service. My "brand-new" Inspiron's hinge broke before it was a year old. I had to send it to Texas to get fixed right before the school year started (yes major pain in the a*$#!) I thought everything was fine & dandy until the hard drive crashed only a few months later before the computer was 1 and a half! I had paid for the longest most expensive warranty that covered everything and when I call not only am I connected to someplace outside the U.S after calling the U.S number, but the woman who answered the phone had the audacity to say my warranty didn't cover the 'inside' of the computer! I let it go until the computer got really bad and I called again ready to argue anyone else down who thought I should have to pay extra for a computer under warranty being less than 2 years old. The person who answered said the woman was very wrong and after a whole hour holding on the phone, sent someone out to fix my computer this time. Fixed, running fine, once again everything's a-okay...until..the keyboard somehow malfunctions. Someone's sent again to fix my computer and it's all good. Then less than 6 months later my damn hinge snaps again! That's 3 times in less than a year! When I call they then offer to replace my computer with a comparable machine or a better one than my Inspiron. They send me a refurbished Studio computer (to the wrong address and I spelt it 3 times for the tech)that's too bulky to fit in my bag and was not an upgrade or comparable to my Inspiron as it was sold around the same time as mines. The screen was smaller, it had less ports, the programs weren't the same (I couldn't even burn a dvd in Roxio), the battery did not last any longer, even though the person I just talked to today claimed it has a higher cell, and worst of all the hard drive was used! I was being offered a f-ing used hard drive for my basically BRAND NEW ONE! Needless to say I'm sending the Studio back and keeping my Inspiron until it dies completely. Then I will go purchase something, ANYTHING, THAT'S NOT A DELL! I just wouldn't feel good not warning people to stay away from Dell computers they're the worse, crappiest machines ever made probably only beat by e-machines or something. If you don't buy them from a store like Best Buy, Office Depot etc. you have to deal with the tech helpline they provide which is nothing but a bunch of Indians you can't understand and usually can't fix the problem correctly the first time apologizing profusely for selling you a obviously crappy computer without acknowledging that fact. I don't get the point of them giving you a U.S office number but they always transfer you somewhere else, where you ALWAYS, end up talking to a foreigner. It's not just the Inspirons either I've had friends with other models break down on them after they'd just gotten them. And the printers are crap as well the ink never lasts to 20 pages!


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