Coast to Coast Carports - Completely unresponsive

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 10:40am CDT by 541da051

Product: Custom metal garage

Company: Coast to Coast Carports

Location: 22525 Interstate 40
Knoxville, AR, 72845, US

Category: Other

We ordered a custom 18' X 40' garage through who turned out to be an Agent for Coast to Coast Carports. We had to make some revisions to the original plan, including raising the building to 14' and installing 10' X 14'roll-up doors. All this was handled with GREAT service through The installers, who were Hispanic, arrived on time but spoke little English. They set about putting up the building on the $7000 slab we had poured for the purpose.

They worked diligently and put up what I think is a great building. When I asked if they would fabricate the doors on site, the foreman said we would have to wait for the doors as they were "special order". I called Coast to Coast to ask why they sent the crew with only a partial building. They said the doors were never ordered by the person who took the original order and that person had quit and did not tell anyone about the doors. They could not give me a date certain on when the doors would be installed. I notified them that if I did not get answers by Sept. 13, I would order the doors and deduct the cost from the invoice, which we (fortunately) did not pay, as the building was not finished per contract.

We have been going round and round with Coast to Coast and for over a week now without answers. Even claimed that no one would answer their phones in Knoxville.

I finally got a quote for two 10 X 14 roll-up doors from a local vendor in Medford, OR. We are still trying to contact Coast to Coast but without success. I plan to order the doors today and deduct the cost from what we owe them.

In my surmize, the building is of good quality for the price and the engineering is well thought-out. Coast to Coast's business practices, however, are like a Betty Crocker biscuit...LIGHT AND FLAKEY! Judging from all the other complaints against them, I would not get another structure from them. TERRIBLE customer relations!

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3f5273dd, 2010-09-22, 06:00PM CDT

I ordered a 12x20 metal building in May, from And I've never recieved the building. They took my deposit and sold me other items for a metal building, that are not what they told me I was purchasing.

I know your pain with these two companies. I too, will never do business with them again.

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