Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 6:05pm CDT by 1d1a665c

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I have been dealing with the incompetent asswipes at Chase mortgage for 2 years. To make a REALLY long story short, the have pretty much screwed up everything they possible can in that two years for me trying to modify my loan. First, they hired an outside company to help remodify, the person that was assigned was also a real estate agent so everytime she talked to me she always mentioned that she could short sell my house. THIS IS AFTER ONLY 3 MONTHS! conflict of interest? I think so. After pretty much getting no where with that, I decided Im going to deal directly with chase. I sent in all the necessary paperwork to get the process started, and everytime I called to see what the status was they never had any idea. They would tell me its still in review. So I waited a week or two for them to get their shit together and maybe have an actual answer before I call back. I call back and they have no history of my paperwork. WTF!?! BTW, in this time they tell me NOT to make payments. Unreal right? Round two, sent in their fun little game of ignorance for about six months..I cant believe how many different answers I got from these idiots...I would have to call a couple times a day just to hear different answers. So here I am now, a week and a half ago I got a letter from them saying I was denied the modification BUT they are reviewing for other options. I call them and ask what the hell is going on? They tell me, for the first time in a year and half of dealing with this, that I have to resubmit paperwork every 60 days. Had no idea. Ok, theyre idiots, but I can do that. Faxed it in that nite and called the next day..."Oh, everythings fine and we have the paperwork so you're all set for now" is what I was told. I call yesterday after wondering if my sale date was postponed and the first person said yes, she transfers me to the foreclosure dept and I hear that my house has been sold. TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANSWERS IN THE MATTER OF 30 SECONDS. From "good" to probably the worst news I could get. So much for making a long story short. LETS SUE THIER ASSES.


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