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Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 7:02am CDT by 9ad738d3

Product: direct tv

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we have had direct tv for a couple of years and its amazing how they have treated us we have not been able to order movies what we did order a storm knocked the service out theres 4movies we had to pay for now a year later the say we owe for 4 movies a year ago wtf then service got interupted and we called direct tv we were told to replace the cable line which we started to until no fittings we we spoke to them they made us feel as if it was my fault no one came out for a few days my service has been awful everytime we ask for help it was said to me forget about what happen lets see what we can do today what do u is that a way to talk to customers forget about what we have done in the past and get over it. why do we pay for a service that has cable but put a dish on my house that sucks then at&t put this togather ow they dont want to get involed only in amercia do the customers get f and the big companys just say so what thanks direct tv


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