Kwik Kar - Kwik Kar saftey test? They broke my car door handle!!!

Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010 at 8:14pm CDT by 0a19b53f

Product: Kwik Kar

Company: Kwik Kar

Location: 3404 S. Shepard Houston, Tx. 77098
Houston, Tx, 77098, US


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I'm a new resident to Texas just moved here from Ga. So I had to get the car saftey and emissions test done so I could register my car in Texas. I took it to Kwik Kar. I was seated for while in the waiting room. When another couple came in for the same test and came and went. Naturally at that point I was wondering why my test was taking so long. I and the person with me looked through the glass and saw the guy messing around with my car door. He came in sometime later and said the car passed and took payment for the test. He then drove the car around to the front. I tried to open my car door only to find the door handle loose and not able to open the door. We told the guy who did the test and he was rather unresponsive. So we left and called the manager and were told the general manager would called us to address the issue. He did the next day and said they were not going to cover the cost of the damages their employee caused. I now have to have someone enter to

the car from the passenger side and reach over to open my door from the inside or I have to enter from the passenger side and crawl over. I feel this company should cover the cost to fix my door handle. Nice how a saftey test can manage to make your car less safe! Some welcome to Texas!

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2313b7e6, 2011-03-31, 09:56AM CDT

In response to your complaint regarding your door handle being broken by the person inspecting your vehicle:

How do you know that person actually broke the handle? How do you know that the next time you attempted to open the door it might have failed at that time?

Door handles break, period. I beleve this was a coincidence that the person, inspector, ran into when he was inspecting your vehicle.

You now complain about something you can only assume was someone's fault.

Call a local body shop or dealer and ask them about the breakage rate for this vehicle. Most OEM's carry these parts because they break under normal use.

I have been using Kwik Kar for 12 years and find them to be the best Oil Change Shop I have ever used.

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