Ron Tonkin dodge gladstone oregon - parts for dodge ram that according to the parts department they are not retornable

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 10:14pm CDT by 09365d9d

Product: parts for dodge ram 1500

Company: Ron Tonkin dodge gladstone oregon

Location: gladstone, Or, US

Category: Other

So I call the dealership parts department to complain about why when I think Im buying new parts they are giving me used parts and why are they profiting from selling used parts to customers I had bougth parts for repair of my air conditioner vents they told me the whole set will cost me 300 gues what it wasnt the whole set It was only 3 parts i was still mising alot of parts

so I search and search for the parts they didnt have ended up with extra parts they dont want to refund me for those parts now Im stuck with those parts what a way to rob a costumer its almost like taking candy from ababy and its wrong that is why Im writing this blog so that nobody else falls on that trap be carefull you all this thieves are there to get your money when you are trusting in them tinking they are a legit business this people are nothin but thieves


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