Citibank - Late Fee Rip Off

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 7:58pm CDT by 13ec6fd1

Product: Citibank American Express

Company: Citibank

Location: P.O. Box 44183
Jacksonville, FL, 32231-4183, US


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I have been a user of Citibank cards for years. The majority of my student loans are also through Citibank. I recently obtained a Citibank American Airlines American Express.

I pay each of my monthly bills at the beginning of each month, as I am paid monthly. I had the card for only a few months, but I had decided to use it for slightly larger items, such as plane tickets, that I intended to pay off over a 2-3 month period. During the month of April, I made a payment. Then, at the beginning of May, once I received my paycheck, I made a payment, which was intended for the May bill, as the April bill was due by April 30. In the beginning of June, I received a phone call warning me that I had yet to make my May payment. I thought that was strange, but made a payment over the phone just in case. I went home and found out that the "closing date" for my April bill was actually May 5, the day I made my May payment, even though the April due date was April 30. I also saw that I had a $39 late fee. I thought to myself, "No big deal, I'll call and I'm sure they will see the error and credit me the late fee." Boy, was I mistaken. I spoke to several people, and they all seemed very sympathetic, they informed me that this would have to go to their supervisors, but they were confident that I would be refunded. I then received several letters and emails denying my request. The letters simply stated that I did not make a payment by June 1st. "No," I called back and explained, "but I had made a payment less than 30 days earlier on May 5th." Not one of the responses I received even acknowledged the fact that I had indeed made a payment in the month of May.

I will never be using my Citibank American Express again and I only wish I could pay off my student loans in one swift motion so that Citibank would never receive any money from me ever again. And all of this for one $39 late fee.


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