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Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 2:21pm CDT by 99cfb179

Product: Whiskey Stones


Location: 1111 S Bannock St.
Denver, CO, 80223, US


Category: Other

I just receive an item that was purchsed from for a gift. When opening the box the item purchased had a large stick on the front of it's box advertising for After speaking with their customer service department & the owner Tracy, I was told that they put an advertising sticker on each and every item they ship. They would accept the item back at my expense, but would not pick up the item or replace the item (minus the sticker). Had they stated on their website that I would be advertising for them with each item I purchased I would not have placed an order with them. I will not be giving the item as a gift as the sticker does not peel off easily. A waste of time and money. They have lost my business, family members busines & business partners business.

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ef95d7ab, 2010-09-02, 07:05AM CDT

I had a similar experience with I too ordered an item from them for a birthday gift. The item arrived with a large sticker on it. I did give the gift, but when it was opened at the party it looked cheap & as though I purchased it at a discount/closeout store as those are the types of stores that use these type of big stickers on their items. I have told everyone I know about this and to avoid if you are buying a gift. I agree needs to advise their customers that the items will be shipped with a large sticker on them.

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