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If after reading about Dr. Bobak Morshed in the public information which is available, the only conclusion to come to is STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE BUTCHER! Dr. Morshed is a filthy individual who ruined my teeth and left a trail of destruction in my mouth which is not yet repaired. He should have never put in a temporary bridge where I recently had root canal from a different dentist, thank God. I had complained to him about the pain which he dismissed and went right on hurting me. He also was supposed to make an impression for the front crown that had broken and give me an immediate temporary. On the June 3, 2010 visit to his lair, he insisted he could do the permanent crown on this "new machine" he purchased for just that purpose. When I told him I don't feel confident or at ease with that machine he bullied me and simply had his way with me because he was shooting full of numbing medication. He also "decided" he was going to laser some area of my mouth because he "actually should not have started" was the exact words he used BEFORE checking if I had periodontal disease. When he finished the laser, I was in so much pain I began to cry. He told me it "shouldn't hurt much". Then he began to make the permanent crown for my front tooth. He was extremely dirty in that he went from patient to patient to the rep to the machine to my mouth, all without gloves or washing. When he was finished making the temporary bridge over my root canal, and the "permanent" crown for my upper front tooth, he never showed me a mirror which is always customary that the patient see the NEW AND PERFECT work the doctor performed and gets paid for. It was obvious he was trying to hide something. He had been grinding something in my mouth when he was "adjusting" his permanent crown. When I finally begged for a mirror, I was shocked and almost fainted when I saw what he had done. To accommodate his poorly made "permanent" crown made from his high tech machine, he grounded down my perfectly good and straight bottom tooth so that my teeth would close evenly. When I complained and cried, he took me and my husband to a small cubicle and tried to convince me and my husband that what he was doing was correct. I was not buying into that! The BUTCHER OF SANTA MONICA, as my husband now calls him, hammered away at me that the permanent crown he custom made on his newly bought machine would last far longer than a lab made one. He began coining phrases such as "a bulldozer couldn't move that crown" I made for you. And the temporary bridge I made for you will certainly last until the complete bridge is made. He kept telling me what a terrible mouth I had and other not so nice unpleasantries. That night, I was involved in a low speed crash when another car decided to make a u-turn in front of me. On the way to the hospital, BOTH THE PERMANENT TOOTH, AS WELL AS THE TEMPORARY BRIDGE FELL OUT OF MY MOUTH!! My husband received a call the next morning from THE BUTCHERS assistant who advised me that THE BUTCHER doesn't care to have me as his patient any longer. My husband requested our money back advising the assistant that both appliances were faulty and fell out of my mouth and how the BUTCHER OF SANTA MONICA ground my perfectly good tooth to compensate a fake crown when what should have been done was redo the incorrect crown which was hastily made and put in my mouth. The staff refused to refund any money stating that services were rendered. Anyone who goes to this BUTCHER after reading the numerous complaints from this board, the complaints from the California Dental Board, as well as the Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases, especially the most recent and published one, Sandra Hope, plaintiff vs. Bobak Morshed, defendant, deserves to be violated just for being stupid. I have read every court document concerning this unfortunate woman whose life almost ended because of the carelessness and incompetence of THE SANTA MONICA BUTCHER, DR. BOBAK MORSHED


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