Comcast - Comcast - Hidden Charges and Unreliable Internet

Posted on Friday, October 8th, 2010 at 4:26am CDT by f19f405b

Company: Comcast

Location: 1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19102, US

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I just subscribed to Comcast on their $29.99/month promotion for 12gb. I thought it was a great deal and so I switched to their service.

The first issue I had with them was when their first scheduled installation did not arrive in their specified time frame at all! I had my roommate stay home for those hours for no reason.

Then I got my bill claiming that I owed them $190. Of course I thought it was some simple mistake, but as you have probably read, their customer service is HORRIBLE and I had to wait for a long time to speak with a rep. The first one was decent and said that she'd credit my account $59.90, since they charged me $59.99/ month instead of the promised $29.99 (This rate took me so much trouble to secure in the first place even though it was a widely publicized promotion). But then, where did the other charges stem from?

a) Modem Rental ($5/month - fine)

b) Installation Fee ($25 - fine)

c) Modem 'SiK Charge) ($25 - ??)

d) Unreturned Equipment ($25 - what? the rep can't even explain this)

All in all, it has been so frustrating dealing with them. I tried contacting their reps online and through the phone, and I get upset just thinking about all those hours gone to waste without even coming to a resolution.

The icing on the cake is that internet has been dropping in the past few days. I had to call a technical service rep to fix this issue yesterday aside from the dubious-bill-charge calls. Oh, and my internet just dropped three times in the past two hours. No big deal...


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