Subway - Stupid Rude Subway Employees/Owners

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 2:18pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Subway

Location: KNOXVILLE, TN, 39731, US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Actually this happened some time ago, but I just had to share, I was standing in line in Weigels on Middlebrook Pike, this man was throwing a fit because the poor cashier didn't have any pennies, "I WANT MY PENNY" was all we heard, 5 of us in line behind him we found it amusing..finally it was getting stupid she kept saying "let me ring up these other customers and maybe I can get a penny for you" his response "no I want my penny" finally I got pissed off threw a penny on the counter and snapped "take the damn penny" he looked at her, then at me picked up the penny and everyone gasped shook their heads some even laughed, I hissed stupid asshole..he left with his head held high, over a penny?? soo stupid..then I got into line and ordered 2 subway sandwiches which was suppose to be 2 for $5 according to the sign, when I went to pay the Woman said "that will be $14.51" I mentioned the sign and she said "we're not following that sale anymore" I said then take down the sign, I dug out $14.50 I was a penny short, big surprise there, I was a regular so I said "I'll bring you a penny back later", she said "no now"...I started digging in my pockets, just as I finally found a penny and pulled it out she threw my food in the garbage, my jaw dropped she offered to make me fresh sandwiches, I told her to stuff her food up her ass, I would order pizza and that's just what I did, I went home ordered a pizza and never ordered from subway again!!


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