Snobby Aritzia Sales Associate

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 8:09pm CDT by 15410cd5

Product: Erin/Erynn/Aaron

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Location: Toronto, On, CA


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The following is the letter I have sent to Aritzia. It tells my experience in detail.

Date of incident:

September 20th, 2010 between 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Re: Erin, Erynn, Aaron(Did not enquire the spelling)

Dear Aritzia,

I am a loyal fan of your clothing line and repeat customer of Aritzia. For this reason, I felt compelled to write this letter to your company regarding the extremely negative experience I was subjected to at the Aritzia store located in the Shops of Don Mills, - a mall I rarely frequent.

This particular day, I found a TNA jacket that I loved [item number: 36931 - Rich Red Duffle Coat] however there was only size XXS at the store. Erin was helping me. I tried on a size Small in a different color and it was perfect. She suggested that I could order it in to the store. I initially agreed to this as Erin's advice and knowledge were exemplary and helpful.

While Erin was on the phone on hold with another location, I realized that it would be unrealistic and inconvenient for the jacket to be transferred to the Don Mills and Lawrence location and that Fairview Mall would make much more sense for me. While she was on the phone, I thought I had better inform her of this immediately, so I quietly interrupted her and mentioned that I'd rather pick it up at the Fairview Mall location (at Sheppard and Don Mills).

In what sounded to me like a lecture and motivated by what I can only assume would be her commission, Erin ignored my request and insisted I return to her store by saying things to me like,

"You know, the time difference from this store is not much of difference. I know that the difference from Fairview Mall and here, is only 10 minutes - it's

a very limited jacket. There are less sizes of this and we should just do it now

otherwise you might not get it- So you want me to transfer it here, or not?".

I responded by telling Erin a SECOND time, I'd still rather it be transferred to Fairview Mall.

Fairview mall is a much more convenient point for me, as I reside in Whitby, and have an 8 month old baby in tow. The ten minutes time difference Erin cited, is in fact closer to a 45 min (or more depending on traffic!) difference round trip.

As I said earlier, Erin was initially friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. But when she refused to hear my requests or prioritize my personal needs over her own, I was very disappointed and felt afterward that what seemed like genuine interest in me as a customer was nothing more than a disingenuous, fake interaction.

And while this would have been negative enough, the most negative aspect of my experience came when she snickered and murmured what seemed to be comments about me as I was leaving the store.

I really wanted to buy the jacket and I'd have purchased it then and there had the size been suitable. I???d have even loved for her to benefit from the commission or credit of my purchase. So, as I was standing in front of the counter, feeling guilty, I asked for her name.

I said, "Erin, thank you for your help. But it is convenient for me to go to Fairview Mall and..." but she cut me off at this point and said,

"Ya..., you know, like, I just don't understand, that's all.. our store is only 10

minutes away off the 404..muffle..". [phone slams]

The bottom line is this:

My request was not unreasonable, should have been immediately accommodated and could have resulted in a relatively easy sale for your company. Instead, Erin made me feel like I was wasting her time. She made me feel uncomfortable in the way she stared at me. She made me feel like I, the customer, was being unreasonable to want to procure the jacket from a location convenient for me. And as I was leaving, added insult to injury I can only presume by making comments about me as I left. What a great final impression.

I will not stop shopping at Aritzia, but I will be very apprehensive to return to the Don Mills location or recommend it to friends. As I currently have an infant, I rarely get the opportunity to shop. And when I do, it's very frustrating to be met with this type of self-motivated opposition, fake service and belittling.

I have taken it upon myself to do the leg-work of ordering the jacket from a different location, and look forward to picking it up shortly.

Thank you for your time.

Most sincerely,



8419cb17, 2010-11-18, 03:13PM CST

Aritzia should stop hiring young saleswomen who look down on their customers, most of their saleswomen have a high opinion of themselves and think the job is beneath them, all they care about is the appearance and the commission. Same story in Vancouver on Robson street.

41f36c61, 2010-11-28, 02:31AM CST

wow..what a bitch.

it's generally a really uppity, snobby culture at aritzia. I had an interview with them and the experience I had with their HR was also unpleasant. I like their clothes but the people they choose to hire are really meh.

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