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Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 8:53am CDT by 1facc91e

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Location: Chord 10 Manjunath Nagar
Bangalore, Ka, IN

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I planned my trip from Bangalore to Thirunallar near Kariakal(Pondicherry) at Shiva-Shanidev Temple. The taxi service promised us 5.50Rs per Km and told that the one way distance is 600 plus km and i showed him a map as follows:

Driving Directions from Thirunallar to Bangalore.

From: Thirunallar

Distance: 298 km (approx 5 hrs, 42 mins)

1. Straight(8.4 km) going toward NH13 Hwy

2. Right onto NH13 Hwy, go 87 km.

Via Kudligi at 6.4 km.

Via Davanagere District at 56 km.

Enter Chitradurga District at 68 km.

Enter Chitradurga at 87 km.

3. Left onto NH4 Hwy, go 78 km.

Leave Chitradurga at 2.7 km.

Via Hiriyur at 40 km.

Enter Tumkur District at 60 km.

4. Slight Right onto Sira Bypass(NH4 Hwy), go 5.2 km.

Via Sira at 2.3 km.

5. Slight Right to follow NH4 Hwy, go 43 km

6. Slight Left onto Tumkur Bypass(NH4 Hwy), go 7.4 km.

Via Tumkur.

7. Slight Left onto NH4 Hwy, go 35 km.

Enter Bangalore Rural District at 9.3 km.

8. Continue down Tumkur Rd(NH4 Hwy): 1.1 km

9. Slight 3rd Right to follow NH4 Hwy, go 5.7 km.

Via Nelamangala at 2.7 km.

10. Continue down Tumkur Rd(NH4 Hwy): 16 km (Past Reliance Petrol Pump on the right).

Via Bangalore District at 4.8 km.

Enter Bangalore at 8.8 km. Via Peenya Industrial Area Phase 2. Enter Yesvantpur.

11. Straight (Keep Right) on Tumkur Rd(NH4 Hwy) flyover, go 1 km.

Via Rajaji Nagar Industrial Suburb. Enter Yesvantpur.

12. Continue down Cv Raman Rd(NH4 Hwy): 2.9 km (Past Shri Gayetri Devi Temple on the left).

Via Mallesvaram, Rmv Stage 2. Enter Sadashiva Nagar.

13. Right (past Honda Showroom on the right) onto Ramana Maharishi Rd(NH7 Hwy), go 1.3 km.

Via Rmv Stage 2, Jayamahal. Enter Sadashiva Nagar.

14. Continue down NH7 Hwy: 2.4 km (Past Indian Oil Petrol Pump on the right).

Via Rajamahal Guttahalli, Seshadripuram. Enter Gandhi Nagar.

15. Slight Left (past Office Of Inteligence and Robotics on the left) onto Ali Asker Rd, go 0.1 km.

Enter Vasant Nagar.

16. 1st Right (past Ashraya (Hotel) on the right) onto Infantry Rd, go 0.5 km

17. 2nd Right (past Smart Bites on the left) onto Queens Rd, go 0.7 km.

Enter Gandhi Nagar.

18. 4th Right (past Kamat Yatriniwas (Hotel) on the right) onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd, go 0.7 km

19. 3rd Left (past Mohan Pharmacutical on the left) onto Siddalingaiah Cir, go <100m.

Enter Shanthala Nagar.

20. Arrive at destination

But he followed his own path telling me that SIR i am local resident and i know a shorter path.We travelled approx 628 kms one way. We started our journey there at 9AM and reached there at 8.30PM. The way from Kariakal to Thirunallar is 6Km but he took 25 kms roaming us from one village to another. We took bath in Nala Kolam and went to LORD SATURN and LORD SHIVA STHAL DARSHAN. We ran and with great problems had DARSHAN but when we were at LORD SATURN's STHALA the LORD SHIVA STHALA Gate was closed. So i need to come back and we really pleaded them to open the gate for DARSHAN, but those people were really rude to do so. These people make even these DHARAM STHAL as there MAAN MAANI PLACE and nobody can report against them. God never Abuses or Scold there devotees like this. That's a SHAME on these people. So in today times GOD is GOOD but People are BAD to WORST.

Also he stopped the taxi at very unhygienic restaurants in Tamil Nadu where it's impossible for a North Indian to even enter. My wife and three years old son puked then and there. Also when we reach half way which i don't know then i asked him the way left he told me Sir "It's more than half way to go". He told me start the AC for that the fare will be 6.50Rs/Km. For that i agreed as i need to reach there for darshan. Also there is no arrangement of good restaurants on that way also. So it's my request that if you leave from home take meals with you and don't get trapped with such fraud people. They are those people due to which the entire community gets bad tag. These people really hate North Indians and feel really happy by befooling us. These people even make the religious pilgrims experiences bad for people. I don't have any grievance against GOD but YES for these people who make GODS Name Bad for people like us. So it's my request that please don't get entrapped to such false promised travellers. He drove from the way where there was no Volvo and there was only village as they had to pay the Tax to enter one State to another. So please beware of such people. At such holy places please don't think that they will not befool you as for us it's a Holy Place but for them it's there business place. They will do sins and then take bath for all there misdeeds in that Holy Water. Please get proper knowledge of the ways whenever you travel anywhere.


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