Broadview Security - Broadview is the WORST alarm company

Posted on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 at 5:40pm CDT by a764ca48

Company: Broadview Security

Location: 8880 Esters Blvd
Irving, TX, 75063, US

Category: Other

Broadview's monitoring service requires connection to landline phone service. Since moving to this house we have tried Time Warner Cable and AT&T landline phone service, and in both cases the phone line repeatedly went dead for extended periods of time, with NO WARNING FROM BROADVIEW. In other words, Broadview's system failed to notify us that our house was not being monitored! Due to the phone line problems we were forced to switch to Vonage. Once informed that Broadview is not compatible with Vonage, we switched alarm companies but Broadview insists on billing us for the remainder of our contract.

Broadview will receive no further payment from me. I was a loyal customer of theirs for many years and when I needed them the most -- WHEN MY PHONE LINE WENT DEAD OVER AND OVER AGAIN -- their alarm system uttered not a single beep. If my phone line had been cut by a burglar I would have been robbed blind!

This company has received thousands of dollars in fees from me over 8 years. I was such a loyal customer that when I moved I continued their service. However, when my landline phone stopped working not once, not twice, but MANY times at my new house, Brinks/Broadview FAILED TO WARN ME of this in every instance. Furthermore, after I was forced to switch to Vonage in order to have a working landline phone, Brinks/Broadview INSISTED that I continue paying monitoring fees despite the simple fact that their company was unable to keep up with technology that has been around for several years.


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