PepsiCo Philippines (PPCPI) - Pepsi Bottle Contents Contaminated

Posted on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 at 10:42pm CDT by d68d3a07

Product: Pepsi 1 Liter Glass Bottle

Company: PepsiCo Philippines (PPCPI)

Location: PH

Category: Other

About 30 days ago, I purchased a 1 liter Pepsi drink, glass bottle from a local Sari Sari store. The bottle is FACTORY SEALED and NOT OPENED. Before I opened it, I noticed something in the bottom of the bottle. It is a COTTON SWAB. I contacted Pepsi and it took 1 week before anyone contacted me back. They came to the house and gave me a BS story and said it couldn't be their fault. LOL... it is FACTORY SEALED! They told me to take it to BFAD in Manila for testing. To this date, the bottling company Manger, Jose, never returns my emails and I am pending a large lawsuit against the company for their defective/contaminated and possibly poisonous product, because I don't know what could be inside it. Pepsi refuses to give me any type of settlement. They never made me any offer... so I will sue their butt! Post this ALL OVER THE INTERNET FOR ME and the PUBLIC IN THE PHILIPPINES TO KNOW! I will try to contact many media sources also.


d68d3a07, 2011-01-25, 07:59PM CST

I am the author of this complaint. I had several photos posted but someone removed them without notification to me or my permission.

d68d3a07, 2011-02-08, 10:24PM CST

This complaint HAS BEEN SETTLED OUT OF COURT for an UNDISCLOSED settlement!

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