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Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 2:53pm CDT by 9c16c886

Product: Dish Sat Signal

Company: EchoStar Communications

Location: 9601 South Meridian Blvd
Englewood, Co, 80112, US


Category: Other

Ordered/moved service on 8/1/10, purchased Two (2) receivers (1) $150 & (2) $100 = $250, to add to my service, along with my DVR. Two weeks after service was installed, reception started going in and out and could not watch programming at all. I contacted Dish 8+ times over a period of two weeks to get help to fix problem. 8 different people were sent out, including supervisors, to try and correct the problem. No one has seen or knew what to do or how to correct the problem. They tried everything and were unable to restore my service properly. As a last resort, I was put on a different Satellite than the one I should be on, and then my local channel program guide would not display any information. I was told that because I was on a different satellite, I would not get my local channels and I had to use an over the air (OTA) antenna. Well this did not work and was not able to get the local channel guide information on the guide itself. Without this information, it is impossible to time shift record with your DVR. I tried to use and set up recordings with the manual record feature but it also would not work without local programming information. We watch and record most of our programming on the local channels. Once again this is not the way the system should be set up and once again my $100/mo service does not provide service. I called once again on 9/28/10 and was told that nothing else could be done, what do you want to do? I said well if you can not provide me with service, I wanted to cancel the service and I wanted the cancellation fee waived, I was told by Amanda (operator ID #KEF) that the fee will be waived, but I could NOT return the receivers I just purchased and could not get a decent signal to watch for the two months I had them, that I had to sell them on EBay or something AND that I would have to PAY the shipping charge to return the DVR they want back OR my Credit Card on file will be charged $400+ dollars.

Is this how you service your customers? I am asking for a refund of $250, with the return of the receivers that I could never use due to the inability of your own technicians and service people to fix or at least explain why they couldnt correct the problems with my service, none of which is my fault. Also, a return label, paid for by Dish, for the return of the DVR that Dish wants back. I was not able to watch programming for 22 days, out of the 60 days the service was on. I was still charged $139 for August service, plus the $250 for the 211 Receivers that I could not use, with a grand total of $389.15. This is unacceptable.

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