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Posted on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 7:51pm CDT by deb5e0ca

Company: Overstock.com

Location: salt lake city, ut, US

URL: http://overstock.com/

Category: Other

I've used Overstock on a several occasions but will not be using them ever again. I recently ordered two items from them. A back pack and a watch. My credit card was immediately charged but my order was "in processing" for almost five days when I logged int to my Overstock account. . Funny how the process to take your dough is almost instantaneous but the delivery of said product... not so much.

I was patient for a few days... then I finally got an email telling me that mu items were shipping(tracking numbers and all). One item shipped UPS and the other Fed-ex. Whatever, as long as i get it. Now mind you, I ordered with the hope that I would get my items about ten days. Sound familiar? The original arrival date was the 2nd of Nov. for one item and the 1st for the other. I was fine with the item on the 1st but I was not going to be here to receive the item on the 2nd. I then logged into see where the items where and I noticed that they still had not shipped. I talked to some one at overstock and told them the 2nd would be too late and since the item has not shipped yet that I would like to cancel the order. She told me that it was out of her hands and that I should contact Fed-ex. this made no sense to me since Overstock still had the item in the warehouse and the item had not shipped.

So I contacted Fed-ex and they were very helpful (as usual for them). The item was returned (once it was shipped) back to Overstock. I then contacted Overstock in regards to a refund and they told me it would be 3 to 5 days. No biggie. When I logged back in today to Overstock to see when the other item was going to be delivered I noticed that Overstock reshipped the item in question. Have no idea why.

I again contacted Overstock and explain the situation. I was told that the item is on its way to me (even though it was already returned once). At this point I was super frustrated. I was told that the item shipped out again because it was never cancelled. I told that I did cancel it and returned it. They admitted that THEY didn't cancel it.

I asked the rep (Geoff) how that could be my fault. He said it wasn't but that I had to returned the item again to get my money back. (Even though I had already done this once). He told me to contact Fed-ex to see what they could do. Frustration factor is very high by now. The guy at fed-ex couldn't do anything cause Overstock uses a Smart-post system. So the post office will deliver my item to the usual spot where I get my mail. So its not Fed-ex delivering but the mailman.

Great! So the mailman will just leave the box outside. Its happened before and im sure this time wont be any different. Since Im traveling for the next two months I wont be able to return it. So im stuck with something i don't want and those jerks at overstock have my money.

Don't use them unless you absolutely have to.... and then use another vendor. They are inept and horrible at customer care. I just happen to google "overstock customer service" and got a ton of negative reviews from various websites.... should have done this before I used them.


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