Gary Rome Kia - Gary Rome Kia Completely Outrageous

Posted on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 11:11pm CDT by 8a632184

Product: Kia Automobile Car Sales and Service

Company: Gary Rome Kia

Location: 809 Enfield St
Enfield, CT, 06082-2927, US


Category: Other

After running my credit and setting up pick-up for the car I had identified, I made a two hour trip to sign the documents for financing and pick up the car I had been speaking with a salesman named John Bruso, who had been very conscientious and consistent up until I showed up on Friday morning. The major problem was that Gary Rome Kia had a replacement credit specialist in that day, ran my credit again (watch this folks as every time your credit is run you get whacked by two points on your fico). So my credit got mixed up with two other similar names, they tried to sell me the same car with 2,000 extra miles on it with no discount for the discrepancy, dog hair all over the car, burn holes in the seats, scratches and scuffs, basically it wasn't even detailed. I ended up spending 12 hours n trains back and forth when all the replacement finance person could say was "Sorry", you'd think they would have taken care of this before I spent the whole day and $150 to get up there to pick-up the car. I kept my head level as I could, did not complain, or get angry. I was just overwhelmed by the sheer stupidity and pure lack of effort to remedy the dirty, increased mileage car and the mess up with the credit. John Bruso who claims he's been selling cars for 12 years, was a deer in the headlamps. Everyone else stayed clear and Gary Rome was missing in action. Sickening, unbelievable and shocking overall. Stay away from these characters. It's like the keystone cops and you'll pay the price. The wouldn't even give me a stuffed animal (sock monkey) to make something positive come out of the whole day wasted, no car, effort to push a messed up and higher mileage car when I am stuck two hours from home.


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