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Posted on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 6:51pm CDT by 593bedee

Product: Cars/Trucks/Boats

Company: Fun Motors II

Location: Garfield/Fairlawn/Elmwood Park, NJ, 07027, US


Category: Other

Gary Maggio continuously sexually harasses women when dealing with repairs or car purchases. He uses secondary parts. He used warped rotors to replace brakes and charged $150. Gary Maggio of Fun Motors also continues to blow up women's cell phones in attempt to create a sexual relationship with them. Gary Maggio tries to be a nice guy, but beware, personal accounts have showed that Gary Maggio is a wolf in sheeps clothing, simply looking to get into any females pants.


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593bedee, 2010-10-31, 12:16AM CDT

You too? This guy creeps me out big time! Gary Maggio called me constantly then asked if I was clean! Can you believe it? And he is married...What a creep. If your a woman, stay away!

62780665, 2011-01-16, 05:17PM CST

Maggio of Fun Time Motors ll sold unregisterable vehicle. Took money for

unfinished work and has now disappeared, along with his sidekick Gus C something who lives in Bergenfield, NJ. 07621 .

7e815539, 2011-01-24, 11:12AM CST

This response is to the complaint posted 12/10 regarding the sale of an unregisterable vehicle. I sold a 1994 Toyota Camry to a very fine couple, lady and gentleman. There was a clerical error in the Title. The appropriate paperwork was forwarded to Trenton to the DMV for correction. This DMV correction takes time for a complete investigation and correction. At this date of posting the status of the DMV paperwork is still pending disposition. After reading this horrendous information regarding my business and self, I would like to clarify that I do not run or hide from anyone and you are free to come forward and discuss any disputes with me in person, as opposed to posting on the internet. I admit to making mistakes in the past and clearly I have learned from those mistakes. I do not desire to jeopardize my customers, business reputation or myself. To include Gus C is this complaint is an insult to his fine integrity. He is a hard working man and should not be held responsible for any transactions my business or self is solely accountable for. 1/24/11

d2524f9e, 2011-02-09, 10:29AM CST

I took a young lady's car to have it repaired, dropped the car off with her,

picked it up with her, loaned her the money, which was a far more reasonable

cost and the work was done promptly, neatly, old parts were returned in the box from the new ones. No inappropriate

comments, no harrassment.

d2524f9e, 2011-02-09, 10:35AM CST

A well known dealership in Bergen County told me in writing that my vehicle required a new battery, clutch, and radiator flush. The check engine

light kept coming back on until I failed inspection. Gary Maggio/Fun Motors found the check engine problem which was a sensor, battery is still good a year or so later, clutch has many miles to go. Vehicle passed inspection. Have a schedule of maintenance to follow. Thanks.

0585e337, 2011-03-24, 01:55PM CDT

I just purchased 2 items from Gary He went above and be on the sale for me. Taking me to authorized dealer and let me have them inspected by a mechanic and they where just as he said they where. Then helped me registered and trailer them to my house. A total gentleman

969d3d13, 2011-04-13, 08:03PM CDT


Gary Maggio is nothing more then a low life CON from the day Christ was born. He would sell is own mother if he could make $$$$. Go on to the Passaic County Sheriffs Dept web sit and take a LONG look at the pages of THEFT BY DECEPTION.


969d3d13, 2011-04-13, 08:09PM CDT

He has moved down to the Jersey Shore...

Check under a rock....

doug s., 2011-06-27, 09:33PM CDT

gary where are you? have been calling for weeks, have stopped by your house. you never call back! iwould like to get the jeep doors i pd for months ago, thenew rug that was in the jeep(cost me $300.00, the wheels and tires, the racing seats from the gray jeep, and where is the black 1987 jeep wrangler you are redoing for me, and that title. you seem to be to busy to work with me any more since the money stopped. too bad had a few people wanting to buy cars & you never answer your phone, so they went to someone else.

9dcf3f6d, 2011-08-06, 10:02PM CDT

Gary Maggio is avery sharp, intelligent and well spoken con man. 90% of the time he has only his best interest in mind and will talk you out of eveything you own of value and take your money. 10% of the time I think his other personality kicks in and he seems to care. Don't let him fool you. Many woman have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because he is a smooth operator. If he seems to good to be true and you think he is the man for you, or your knight in shining armour, please don't be stupid, he uses people, woman especially and oh by the way marries them to help them out, if you get my drift, and helps himself to their $ large or small. I lost big time and remember, when someone is too good to be true, it's because their not. Don't be a fool, he hasn't changed, leopards don't change their spots!

09d4c364, 2011-09-14, 01:05PM CDT

UPDATE - Learned from the Bergen County District Attorney's office that Gary Maggio has numerous complaints against him, including from Firestone and an organization of men who collect classic cars. A 70 year old man provided proof of ownership of the Lamborghini to the DA that Gary claims to be his and the older gentleman has been searching for Gary for months. Some complains have been dropped as Gary has offered resitution. The complaints total 1,000 of dollars. Gary was also never a State Trooper as he had claimed to other people in the past. A search of the internet will yield his arrest and jail time for his crime. As reported in the complaints below, once Gary has received the money for his services, he does not follow up with anyone as he promises. Buyers beware!

9dcf3f6d, 2012-01-11, 11:33AM CST

I know Gary Maggio and this couldn't be further from the truth.

He tries to help everyone and unfortunately sometimes it doesn't turn out that way.

Gary Maggio is by far a gentleman and never have I seen or heard of him running after women in the 20 years I have known him.

I guess someone needs to get their brakes done elsewhere.

bcab0d0a, 2012-03-20, 08:22PM CDT



d2524f9e, 2012-03-31, 05:45PM CDT

I would like to know who is the man who owns the Lambo. Another victim that was reimbursed by

Gary after being confronted said it is not his and owned by a 70 some year old guy. Other victim

said it is a lease vehicle. How does Gary plan to see this car and repay me thousands? The car I purchase never went into my name but it did go into his. Promises, promises, promises.

d2524f9e, 2012-04-02, 10:08AM CDT

definitely not disappeared ... just keep looking they are out there

44281252, 2012-04-11, 08:48AM CDT

how much did you pay her to say that

a2ef05c2, 2012-04-23, 12:49PM CDT

please let me know where gary lives. hes a scumbag who stole thousands from my mother and we are attempting to collect the money he owes, but we have not been in contact with him since we sent him to jail about 10 years ago

brad v., 2012-04-23, 01:04PM CDT

hes a scumbag. if anyone has info on his whereabouts or his supposed buiness address, please post asap, as that pice of shit owes us and hundred of other a lot of money. if you question what im saying.. just look it up. he has a rap sheet a mile long!

390bbadb, 2012-04-24, 02:38AM CDT

this must be Gary himself cuz this guy is a true piece of shit he is a crook dont trust him

4da69751, 2012-05-02, 08:40AM CDT

Beware of Gary, he plays on the elderly, disabled & widows. He gets what he deserves and more. He has been to jail, he still uses the same old stories that he was a state trooper, he is a conman and always will be. Plus he changes the names of his Companies and was known as a stiff in Vegas,& NJ now Fl. They should put him away for life!!!

doug s., 2012-05-05, 04:38PM CDT

Gary, why did you hang up on me today when i called? i quess you didnt recognize your caller id, because i changed my phone carrier. I greatly need to talk to you as i have no other alternative but to go to the police w/ this.I will be filing reports on monday, including auto theft as you wont talk to me or tell me where my vehicle is. nor are you giving me any of the other things you stole from me. Gary respect? Its a two way street! please call me so we can settle this. PS there is no reason you cant drop off the doors & rugs w/ your hummer at my house, its the least you could do.

brad v., 2012-05-08, 11:50AM CDT

Gary is a piece of shit criminal. he will not call you back. i cant believe he has the balls to continue to do the same shit that we put him in jail for. you will not get any money back from him so the only alternative is to send his fat ass to jail again.

a2ef05c2, 2012-05-08, 11:52AM CDT

your an idiot. just wanted to let u know that.

doug s., 2012-05-08, 06:27PM CDT

Gary, thank you for the complement, its so amazing how you respond to e mail but just cant answer or return calls on your phone. I get a listing of every call i receive and non are ever from you. I dont like to talk to you in this public forum but you leave me no options. I WANT MY STUFF I PAID FOR!!!

if not you will be hearing from my attorney)(and he already knows you. Please lets just end this crap & stop playing games! Please call me and dont hang up when you get frustrated.

doug s., 2012-05-08, 06:40PM CDT


doug s., 2012-05-08, 07:29PM CDT

gee Gary,your friend sure speaks good of you! This is the guy thats your friend? calling you a scum bag, thief etc. wow sure glad i dont have friends like that! remember HONOR DUTY FIDELITY !!!

9dcf3f6d, 2012-05-09, 10:25PM CDT

Gary Maggio never sexually harassed woman. He tried to help some people with repairs, cars. and investments. Some turned out well others didn't. He owed people money and some have received it and others have not. Gary Maggio does not blow up women's cell phones to create sexual relationships. Some of the things discussed here were from 9, 10 years ago. I wonder if any of the people who wrote comments here have skeltons in their closets.

9dcf3f6d, 2012-05-10, 09:39PM CDT

I have known Gary Maggio for years and he has never sexually harrassed a woman. A wolf in sheeps clothing, this is quite funny. So far I haven't read anything worth paying any attention too.

9dcf3f6d, 2012-05-10, 09:48PM CDT

Gary Maggio is a nice guy and has never sexual harassed any woman. Think you are talking about someone else. I have know Gary Maggio for years and he has always been a total gentleman and helpful too.

9c43d56c, 2012-05-10, 10:04PM CDT

more and more coplaints,keep up the good work gary

0800232e, 2012-05-11, 09:56AM CDT

Gary just pay the people you owe...Do not take from Peter to pay Paul...

Pay before you go to jail...

ab2035f5, 2012-05-11, 05:55PM CDT

Who really cares, you ask?? ALL the people whom he has taken advantage of!! That's who cares!!! First of all, you obviously must be working with him, either that or you are believing his stories. The man is a CON ARTIST. He did NOT learn his lesson from his past dishonesty, and if he doesn't do the right thing, he will probably go back to JAIL. He absolutely DOES prey on the disabled and the elderly. You ask what the point is? The point is to let people know not to trust this man. If it is a waste of time reading these posts, then STOP READING THEM YOURSELF.

be79b5c5, 2012-05-14, 08:37PM CDT

I agree, why can't you pay the people you took money from. You say you have changed, but don't you care about the people you hurt very bad and that have suffered all these years? Do the right thing for them, rectify the money issues. If you paid, then find out where the money is going to and to whom. Some people still believe in you, don't let them down again.

9b7be007, 2012-05-15, 05:02PM CDT

Gary Maggio never harassed any woman, this is ridiculous! He doesn't burn up women's cell phones, to the contrary he hates talking on the phone. He has made some mistakes and is trying to rectify them and has in many cases. Things written here are not true, so beware of what you read. Judge for yourself if you know Gary Maggio now.Leave the past where it belongs, in the past. We all have made mistakes.

9b7be007, 2012-05-15, 10:17PM CDT

On numerous occassions, Gary Maggio has helped me with my car and my brothers car as well. He goes above and beyond and seems sincere. I think sometimes he puts too much on his plate when promising things, but I believe he has good intentions. I have known Gary for many. many years and though he has made some mistakes, I believe he has tried to do his best. As far as woman and sexually harassing them, this is nonsense. He is and always has been a gentleman with respect for people and woman. He is not a playboy running after woman. The man descibed in some of these comments is a person who doesn't exist. People who know the real Gary are proud to be his friends.

9b7be007, 2012-05-16, 02:28PM CDT

I met and had dealings with Gary Maggio in 1997 in the Auto Industry regarding my Corvette. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, did repair work on my Corvette and also sold them. I was extremely pleased with his work.

I later found out from a friend that in 1977 Gary Maggio was featured in the National Magazine- Vette Views, for receiving two Brand New 1977 Corvettes from a local dealership and modifying them into hatchbacks using all GM parts. He also won 1st Place in two National Car Shows pertaining to these corvettes. He is a wealth of information of the Corvette vehicle and many other cars.

I was very impressed with him and his work. Just wanted to share my thoughts here.

9b7be007, 2012-05-16, 04:39PM CDT

Back in 1997 I dealt with Gary Maggio regarding work I needed done on my Corvette. I met him in the Auto Industry and he couldn't have been nicer, very knowledgeable and a genuine good guy with many, many years of experience. He told me he does repair work on Corvettes and sells them. He fixed my Corvette and I was thrilled and saved alot of money.

I referred several of my friends to him and they were completely satisfied with his work and very impressed.

Months later,I found out through a friend of a friend, that Gary Maggio was featured back in 1977 in the National Magazine-Vette Views. He had received two brand New 1977 Corvettes from a local dealership and redesigned them with hatchbacks using all GM parts. He had won 1st Place in two National Car Shows.

I wanted to share my experience here because it was a very good one. Hope all is well with you Gary, it has been some time.

0800232e, 2012-05-17, 09:57AM CDT

You have great memories of Gary Maggio..Have you been in contact with him lately...On second thought stay away from him you might be the next victim...Gary shows his good side before he robs you blind...Be aware of him...

f79675c1, 2012-05-17, 10:13PM CDT

DO NOT do business with Gary Maggio. He is a professional con artist! A nice likable guy, talker, BSer. He scammed my family out of several thousands of dollars about 10 years ago. He has no assets because he puts what he owns in other peoples names. So dont even bother taking him to court. They just had a segment on Channel 5 news "shame on you" with Arnold Diaz about him scamming a family with a handicapped child out of thousands of dollars. Finally all this is catching up to him and hopfully he we be back in prison or rip the wrong person off......

0800232e, 2012-05-18, 09:27AM CDT

yes, and the award goes to......

doug s., 2012-05-18, 10:21AM CDT sure your sins will find you out!!!

1e9b7a9f, 2012-05-18, 11:27AM CDT

Gary Maggio is a great guy and will give you the shirt off his back to earn your trust. THEN, he'll take his shirt back along with as much money as he can squeeze you for. Anyone who thinks differently is either blind, brainwashed or both.

He's a con man that will do many great things for people and organizations all the while plotting how to scam them out of funds.

Stay away from Mr. Maggio. He apparently has not learned anything by having served time in prison for the same crimes he continues to perform today.

If you've never lost money with Gary consider yourself lucky but don't come on these boards and tell others who have that they should get over it.

doug s., 2012-05-18, 04:42PM CDT

For those interested in who Gary Maggio actually is please watch his recent appearance with Arnold Diaz on channel 5 FOX NY.

Shame, Shame, Shame... Gary Maggio

He is also impersonating as a NJ State Trooper... which is another crime to add to his list...

9b7be007, 2012-05-19, 10:17AM CDT

y Maggio handled him self in a professional manner while approached off guard by Mr. Diaz. No where did he run from answering any questions. Of course only the facts that make Gary Maggio look bad were presented on tv,not the good that was done. There is more to come that will shed light on this and actually what did happen.

9b7be007, 2012-05-19, 10:49AM CDT

Gary Maggio became a Grand Knight by default. Mr. Maggio was the designated Deputy Grand Knight to take office last July 2011.

At the meeting of the council,the Grand Knight designated to be, resigned before taking his post.

Mr. Maggio was then put in the position and asked to be the Grand Knight.

At that time he addressed the council and stated he knew nothing about being a Deputy Grand Knight, let alone a Grand Knight. He needed all the assistance and prayers of the council to make him a successful Grand Knight.

(In my opinion he was the Best Grand Knight they ever had!)

When Mr. Maggio was transferred over to the Haledon council,for St. Michael's, he sat down with a superior member who was sponsoring him for the 4th Degree and told his sponsor that he had a criminal history 12 years prior.

Mr. Maggio, at no time ever lied to the Knights about his past or anyone who had ever asked him.

0800232e, 2012-05-20, 09:49AM CDT

Whoever is posting positive thing about Gary was brain washed from a fast talker....When he helps people there is always what he could get out of it.....If he tried not to be a con man he did not succeed....I think that fox 5 did a great job....He was caught off guard because he did not have his list of lies to go thru...Why did he not answer why he gave check that could not be cashed....You are right there is more to come...He is going back where he was 7 years ago.....Shame Shame Shame..

0800232e, 2012-05-20, 05:06PM CDT

as to your stupid remarks,if arnold diaz were to investigate all knights of columbus members he would find things in there past,do you mean going to prison,like for theft by deception!!!!! your an idiot get your facts straight lady.

0800232e, 2012-05-20, 05:47PM CDT

Who ever wrote this comment has no heart or common sense. The bottom line is that he still owes money to the family. Check your facts before you write nonsense.

1e9b7a9f, 2012-05-20, 09:28PM CDT

Ms. Fleming,

Please stop fabricating lies in order to defend Mr. Maggio. You have absolutely NO CLUE as to what you're saying because you are CLEARLY misinformed. And just so that I make myself clear to you I will break it down so that you can process what I'm telling you.

1. "During the modification of the mobility van Karina's family was provided with every possible consideration including a new cell phone, rental car, car service to her father's job."

- NO new cell phone was ever offered or provided. That is FALSE.

- A rental car was provided for a few weeks but Gary FAILED to make payments on time to the rental car company so the father had to pay out of his own pocket the final weeks of the rental. Also, unknown to ANYONE but Gary, the rental car was paid for with the Grandfather's money! Money that was supposed to be used to make a down-payment on the van.

- Car service? If you call "car service" Gary picking up the father at work because he had NO CAR because Gary again FAILED to make payments to the rental car company then I would disagree.

2. "No mention was made that her mother is employed or that Mr. Colon has a second job as a self employed printer which could have saved thousands of dollars for advertising."

- So why does it matter that that Karina's mother has a job? How is that even relevant? You ever pay for medical expenses that far exceed ANY money you have coming in?

- The father DOES NOT have a second job as a printer. That statement is clearly false and fabricated. The father is a Graphic Designer, not a printer. Do you even know the difference? And yet again, if Gary felt he had to spend money for advertising the fundraiser, he needed to communicate that with the family first and not go ahead and SPEND the Grandfather's money on such expenses when that money was allocated to the van and NOTHING ELSE.

3. "Grandpa Carmen wanted to do anything and everything for his baby, why didn't he just fix their car, or buy them a new one, instead of the family spending a month in Italy and her aunt taking a cruise several weeks before the event."

- The second car did not need as much "fixing" as you might believe. It was running and only needed new tires. Gary provided those tires with the money that YET AGAIN was meant for the van.

- Karina's grandfather paid for the entire vacation to Italy for the family - including spending money while they were there. Not a single dime EVER came out of Karina's fund. That trip was taken so that Karina could be brought to Padre Pio's church in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Many people make a pilgrimage there from all over the world with the hope that visiting the church will bring them enlightenment or a miracle. Two things that you clearly need yourself.

- Karina's aunt/godmother took a vacation that was planned MONTHS before the fundraiser was even conceived. So how is that relevant?

4. "State of New Jersey does not permit under grant funds to own two handicap equipped vehicles at the same time, which is where this came into play."

- That makes no sense and there were NEVER two handicap vehicles involved. ONLY ONE. One vehicle that had NO MONEY DOWN because Gary did not use the money given to him as intended.

5. "a local business The Color Pallette in North Haledon offered to cut Karina's hair for her life free of charge."

- That's news to everyone - including the family. That's a very nice gesture but the family never knew of it so while we're at it, why not just say that another business offered to build the family a house. See how easy that is?

6. "In the past the Council has raised funds for Karina's play/therapy room. They were fortunate to have labor donated. Do they need more assistance, sure, because as she grows the needs are greater but the karina fund should be providing some of these as do other charity agencies."

- It's become apparent that you do not know the difference between a FUND and a FOUNDATION. Please look them up and get informed.

7. "Arnold Diaz had a field day but overstepped some very serious boundaries regarding past history. Before posting peoples history in the penal system, read the waiver!"

- Mr. Diaz obtained information that was publicly available to anyone who decides to look Mr. Maggio up. It was used to refute Gary's claim that he made ONE mistake in his past. DID YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THE WAIVER YOURSELF?

8. "If Arnold was to investigate every single Knight I am sure he could find a variety of convictions that were reviewed both before the Pope and the Bishop as no one can become a Knight with that clearance."

- Ms. Flemming, this comment of yours is so wrong I'm not even sure you believe it yourself. If you actually think the "Pope and Bishop" review Knights of Columbus members applications then I have no clue what world you live in. You obviously are severely misinformed on how the membership process works. Any Knight will tell you this. Just ask. Wait, don't ask Gary though.

Ms. Flemming, the bottom line is that Gary Maggio stole a lot of money that was intended to be used for a mobility van. I say stole because the checks that he cashed way back in late September and early October have not been paid back. Not a dime. Gary has offered NOTHING but excuses and lies. Like a true con man, he took full advantage of the situation the family is in.

And since Gary doesn't like computers, why don't you read this back to him and look him in the face and see what he tells you next.

3834f227, 2012-05-21, 05:11PM CDT

Gary Maggio is a scam artist! How is he not back in jail? It is certainly where he belongs. What is wrong with our judicial system....I know for a fact he has conned many people out of alot of money. He has financially ruined a few....Stay clear of him...He is one major asshole!

9b7be007, 2012-05-24, 09:41AM CDT

In response to your Common Sense Comment,"Common sense is that if someone takes from you, or you allowed them to take from you, restitution is the procedure however long it may take".

Why does it take over 12 years to get a person's money back...are you for real?

Priority #1 is to pay back what you owe to the people you took from. That should be your only priority until all the people who are out many, many thousands of dollars are paid.

Charity begins at home, before one embarks on other charitable work, pay back what was taken from the people you took from.

Wouldn't everyone agree???

0800232e, 2012-05-24, 10:17AM CDT

gary,you should have used your talent legally because you could convince people in to buying the brooklyn bridge....... you have those qualities into convincing people which is a gift,use it the legal way!!!!!!

9b7be007, 2012-05-24, 10:18AM CDT

Ms. Fleming, FYI... You wrote the wrong person here. I am not calling you an idiot or any such thing. Another person has made those comments about you not myself.

0800232e, 2012-05-24, 02:12PM CDT

gary,its a shame that you chose this route you have so much talent,you can sell people the brooklyn bridge with all your bullshit,at least doing it legally.

da15147b, 2012-06-11, 07:00PM CDT

gary maggio is a p.o.s. this guy is a con artist for real he stole alot of money from me and i almost had my house taken from me. i know this man very well and can tell you he has been doing this stuff to people for many years now. He pretends to be a nj state trooper and has the outfit, badge,gun...ect. this man also poses as a repo man, private investigator. car salesman and car transporter.The last known where abouts i know of were in halden nj on halsey st in an apartment complex next to my buddies house. im not sure of the unit number but if your looking at the place from the front entrance its all the way to the right on the end. im not sure if its both floors or one. he also drives a red new model hummer as seen on shame on you. yes, the news on fox 5, and a blue lamborghini he took from someone else. his next know where abouts were in port st lucie and im sure he is doing no good there with a place called sun motors. from what ive heard he has a big yacht he brags about. I cant find his phone number but will post it when I do. please take my word this guy needs to go to jail for a long time to suffer for what he has done to all these people. gary may you burn in hell you fat bastard!

930c55de, 2012-06-11, 10:52PM CDT

GM hasn't lived on Halsey ave in Haledon for many months. He is staying with a family member in Patterson, NJ. He doesn't own the Hummer it is a loaner with his plates. Yes, he has stolen from me and has destroyed my life and still after 10 years and out well out over $100,000 I try to pick up the pieces. As far as a yacht, again always in some one else's name so it can't be touched. When does this stop and when do all the victims get back what they have lost $$$ and the things that can never be replaced.

493ae8fa, 2012-06-12, 05:39PM CDT

Guys this is great, keep posting and pushing forward!! If anyone out there is web savy how about starting up a .com page exposing Gary more and more? The more of us that come out of the woodwork the more attention will be brought to this man. We most likely will never see our money again. But we need to put this guy behind bars before he ruins more peoples lives

f79675c1, 2012-06-16, 08:02AM CDT

For anyone who lives in jersey that he ripped off you can contact the FBI out of Newark. They will connect you to an agent in your county (973) 792-3000

1f902f5c, 2012-06-25, 06:10PM CDT

your days are numbered

0e2b6148, 2002-03-18, 04:55AM CST

Buddy is his dog! No longer lives there, hasn't for a while.

f79675c1, 2002-03-18, 05:55PM CST

The reason why Gary doesnt pay is because he doesnt have any assets. Im not sure of the technicalities of an LLC. But the way he works is with cash. He also rarely ever puts anything in his name. Most likely its in whoever he's dating or married to at the time. He is currently married to some hispanic lady who im sure has no idea whats going on. You can bet he's got alot of stuff in her name to protect him. He was last seen about 2 years ago on Halsey st. in Haledon. He would have the Hummer parked outside and the blue lambo in the garage. But then was spotted moving boxes out of the garages and apartment. There's reason to believe he's no longer there. And now that he's been exposed on national TV i would bet he's on the run looking over his shoulder at every turn. He's bound to slip up soon, they all do.

f79675c1, 2012-07-07, 11:05PM CDT

Thats another thing. Awhile back when he was living in Haledon he was spotted talking to a couple cops. If I remember correctly the source had spotted him getting out of an unmarked cop car. So he definitely does know some people within law enforcement. Also just beware if anyone tries to confront Gary he does have a firearm in him possession. My guess now would be that he is on the run. Not staying in one place to long. Being exposed on "Shame on you" has brought more attention to him then ever before. Just keep fighting the fight guys. His days are numbered.

0e2b6148, 2012-07-09, 10:21PM CDT

Marcia, do you think you pulled something over on Gary.....think again, I am not aware of the prison cells in Brazil but I am sure in New Jersey they will make allowances so you two can be side by side.

Where is she hiding......Florida....New Jersey.....someone needs to post her pic so we can keep an eye out. Wife and husband partners in crime, is this Bonnie and Clyde???

3f65d99f, 2012-07-17, 09:03PM CDT

I hope you are reading this. Oh that's right you don't use a computer. Marcia

can read it to you. Oh she does not read English. I am sure your attorney can read it. I paid you for a car and repairs and some other things. Your signature is on file at my bank. Your photo is at the teller's window. You slipped up... that's what happens when you get greedy. You don't remember but I will never forget or forgive. I don't need to do a U-tube or Fox 5. Coming to get you, Mr. Maggio. You are not above the law.

0e2b6148, 2012-07-18, 10:54AM CDT

You don't know the entire story, so stop presuming you do.

The fundraiser Gary Maggio held raised more then $80,000 and at no time did Gary Maggio have access to the money.

Where did all that money go??? Let's ask the Knights of Columbus for a detailed bill on that... Would be interesting.

The Knights of Columbus knew he was a convicted felon but tried to save their face when interviewed that they were unaware. BS!

Do background checks on the individual knights and see what you come up with.

See what has just come to light about one of them. Asked to step down.......

As far as the SUV that Gary Maggio was selling for the family, it was brought to auction pleaced in red lane, which means it was in an accident, and never disclosed to Gary Maggio by the family and not that it was a rental vehicle so.....when rentals are in accidents a carfax report does not have to be done.

Repairs were done by rental company and no carfax report had to be done.

What this means is SUV was sold for less.... since it was in an accident, which again was never told to Gary Maggio when he told the family what the vehicle would bring in.

Also, $$$ was paid on the sale of the vehicle $11,500, delayed yes because of getting title, but paid.

See sometime everyone can judge but very few really know the facts.

Also, Carmine and Karina's father are Knights as well and they welcomed Gary Maggio's help with this fundraiser.

Last but not least, showing the beautiful girl Karina was touching but totally unappropriate to appear on SHAME SHAME SHAME.

I, as a parent , would never have had my daughter's picture on national TV, my opinion.

Carmine still talks to Gary and as far as the Knights of Columbus another Knight was asked to Step Down because of well, I am not hear to exploit people.

Gary Maggio didn't run, hide and answered Mr. Diaz's questions when interviewd for an hour.

Six (6 minutes) was aired and only the negative, not any positive that Gary Maggio did for the fundraiser was and told to Mr. Diaz was shared.

WHY...TV News thrives a sad stories, Bad people, and so little good things.

I, by no means am singing Gary Maggio's praises here, I am stating facts, not fiction, not partial stories, NOT ASSUMPTIONS.... facts.......

f79675c1, 2012-07-18, 06:04PM CDT

Hey why dont you scroll through this entire page and see all the people he ripped off. You may have stated some "facts" but that doesnt mean that Gary isnt a conning piece of shit bum. If you believe what comes out of Garys mouth then you are being duped just like the rest of us were.

0e2b6148, 2012-08-07, 07:33AM CDT


Another Victim, 2012-08-07, 02:38PM CDT

Gary Maggio wants his name cleared from the computer. All this posting is upsetting

him. What about those who lost everything ?! DO NOT HELP GARY MAGGIO CLEAR HIS NAME



BE VICTIMS. The question is, where do we all go from here ?

d2524f9e, 2012-08-09, 11:36AM CDT

Did you get a vin number when Gary sold you a car? Or, was he too fast talking and

in a rush to get your deposit money? Do you have a picture? If you did, take your

vin number to any one of the websites available and search for your car. If you

are in NJ, the DMV will only release the name the car was last registered to. They

do this for privacy, or to protect the crook... not sure which. Good luck in finding

your cars.

d2524f9e, 2012-08-09, 08:51PM CDT

A website just for Gary is needed to post our car pics and find out if anyone saw them or purchased them. They could be sitting in a gas station someplace where he didn't pay the bill and the car was held there. That may sound like positive thinking but anything proactive is better than nothing. Some people don't come forward because they are embarrassed or don't want their spouse to know. Gary is smooth and he works in a team,

one distracts and the other is the pretend mechanic but is really the next buyer.

The money changes hands fast with the profit in his pocket in cash and he is on to the

next one. Someone does his posting on Craig's list. If you heard of Janush or Mike

(Russian or Polish) please post. They are from the Woodland Park (West Paterson area)

last known.

0e2b6148, 2012-08-13, 12:04AM CDT

One can only look deep within themselves to find the answers.

Our lives and the paths we chose can always be altered.

It is up to each and everyone of us to decide what is worth pursuing and what is not.

As time passes by, another day becomes our past, today is what we live and no one will ever know what the future holds for us.

To the world you may Be A Person......BUT TO A PERSON....YOU MAY BE THEIR WORLD.

Make sure the person who makes you their world, is deserving of you.

Anonymous, 2012-08-13, 06:06PM CDT

MY WAY..........

And now, the end is here

And so I face the final curtain

My friend, I'll say it clear

I'll state my case, of which I'm certain

I've lived a life that's full

I traveled each and every highway

And more, much more than this, I did it My Way!!

Anonymous, 2012-08-13, 09:59PM CDT




7a403b27, 2012-08-16, 01:51PM CDT

Dont forget to check out Part 2 of Gary Maggio on fox 5's website that aired last night 8/15.

7a403b27, 2012-08-16, 10:42PM CDT

We should all chip in $25, $50, $100, whatever, and hire a private investigator. Since the authorities in NJ cant seem to do there job. Twice on national TV Gary has been exposed. You would think maybe someone in law enforcement would have seen the episodes and look into this guy. I just dont get it

7a403b27, 2012-08-17, 02:06PM CDT

Unfortunately I can almost bet you she wont get a dime. Sorry but your lady friend wasnt the first victim and she has not lost the most. Gary has been doing this since I would guess the late 80's and definitely early 90's. He probably scammed close to a million in his over 20 year run. He'll pay back a tiny fraction just like he did to your friend then the payments stop and you never hear from him again. The moneys gone, either spent or hidden away. The reason why I suspect some money may be hidden is because once he got out of jail he was back on his feet in no time doing the same thing. All we can now is let our voice be heard. Hoping the authorities see him on TV or see these postings.

84e31f4b, 2012-08-22, 11:19AM CDT

i apologize too,and thanks for helping me get all my money back. we have to be more careful in the future with who we deal with. god bless and good luck to all.

d2524f9e, 2012-08-26, 12:07PM CDT

I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day.

--Albert Camus

0e2b6148, 2012-09-01, 12:56PM CDT




84e31f4b, 2012-10-04, 08:19PM CDT

you must be in love with this guy your address is all over the damn place 47ba2932,did he brake your heart with empty promise's and steal your money too.

victim v., 2012-10-04, 11:50PM CDT

Somewhere out there, Gary Maggio hides, lying to everyone he stole from, shacked up with a New Victim who is too naive to take these posts seriously, believe Me he can sing a sweet song and you think you are the Only 1 who understands him...yeah right, stand in line New Victim, cause he offers nothing, takes everything, Has No Homes,NO House Down the Shore, BS story, and he will tell you different and promise you everything, Promises of Nothing......He wants someone to take care of him, now that he is sick........He can't afford to even higher a nurse, he has NOTHINg..CON MAN BULL SHIT ARTIST= GARY MAGGIO...








































84e31f4b, 2012-10-10, 06:53PM CDT

victim v, you hit it right on the scrotum about this dirtbag low life scum. i applaude you............

0a6c6bc8, 2013-02-04, 09:27PM CST

Gary Maggio has been staying at 41 B Shady Lane Little Falls with another con artist who is now in trouble for fraud by deception. She sold a car to someone, took the money and never gave the title to them. This is a woman who scammed me out of $15,000. one year ago. We have a court date this month. From what I hear Gary moved in with her but now only goes there once a week. He has her under his thumb. She has gotten herself in deep with him.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-02-05, 10:40AM CST

I am guessing that you read her last conviction notice. I just hope she is not stealing from the church too!

0a6c6bc8, 2013-02-05, 11:16AM CST

County of Passaic

0a6c6bc8, 2013-02-05, 01:45PM CST

I am going to court to try and get back money from her that she scammed from me.I have all the proof I need. The other issue she had was totally seperate.I could go on and on about her. It is very sad that she got involved with this guy, but from what I understand she is no saint.

Maybe they can share a jail cell.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-02-19, 01:01PM CST

She has another month to pay up. It went into mediation. Now it is in the hands of the courts. Hope it happens! If not she will probably be arrested.

23fa3ca2, 2013-03-06, 08:48PM CST

He is finally in jail again where he belongs. Check out top story today.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-07, 01:19PM CST

Call Sgt. Robert Braden (973) 470-5259 and report anything about Gary Maggio. He is the detective in charge of this case. I did and he was very grateful. They are investigating and all information will be helpful.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-08, 08:42AM CST

He is out on bail!

84e31f4b, 2013-03-08, 09:26AM CST

gary your the best your reputation follows you,you know how to scam people and get away with it your a expert at it now, you should win in the next global award for staying out of prison nevermind jail,jail is nothing to you now,just keep beating the system your a pro at it. your the best your an ace to mankind.

84e31f4b, 2013-03-08, 03:53PM CST

hell yeah

7a403b27, 2013-03-08, 06:40PM CST

Did he really post bail? It was a $100k with no 10% option

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-08, 06:47PM CST

Yes he did!

7a403b27, 2013-03-08, 06:58PM CST

Well by the sounds of that article it seems a lot more victims came forward. As soon as they start investigating more they'll realize they have a much bigger case on there hands. It seems within the past year the momentum is starting to slowly shift our way. Gary's completely exposed now and running out of time.

a966ae73, 2013-03-08, 09:34PM CST


0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-08, 09:48PM CST

Or the Little Falls location 41 B Shady Lane

84e31f4b, 2013-03-09, 09:53AM CST

i hope you dudes are right,because this guy is a slick m.f. he knows how to manipulate the system he aint no dummy,he's probably laughing his but off on all the people he screwed.

7a403b27, 2013-03-09, 04:10PM CST

Its frustrating but you have to figure its just a matter of time before someone on the streets handles it themselves. I honestly dont want him to go to jail. I want him to rip the wrong person off if he hasnt already and they split his head open.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-10, 09:07PM CDT

Correct! I wonder what will happen when he goes to court for this last Theft By Deception charge. Has anyone seen June's last Theft By Deception charge? She is the one that bailed him out I think. She has done another stupid thing not counting my civil action against her in court. The Sgt. in charge of Gary is handling that one also. Can't wait to see what happens with that. She thinks he is the love of her life. What a shame.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-10, 09:07PM CDT

Correct! I wonder what will happen when he goes to court for this last Theft By Deception charge. Has anyone seen June's last Theft By Deception charge? She is the one that bailed him out I think. She has done another stupid thing not counting my civil action against her in court. The Sgt. in charge of Gary is handling that one also. Can't wait to see what happens with that. She thinks he is the love of her life. What a shame.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-11, 10:48AM CDT on the last one and I was contacted by Kings Cars in Ohio about the money owed on the other issue. They are working with Sgt. Braken on this. I did reach out to the Bishop and Father Rijo at St Gerards about June. They appreciate my concern is all they said. Yes she is still in the church. Time will tell. I was told GM has brothers, maybe they bailed him out. Sounds like an Italian story. Goodfellas! Godfather Saga!

Another Victim, 2013-03-11, 11:03AM CDT

His brothers don't want to know him. For sure, they did not bail him out.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-11, 11:08AM CDT

The vehicles from Kings that JF signed for were 2 see doo's and a trailer. The woman wanted to know if I knew where there were LOL I had to tell her my story. But GM also has a history with them. Apparently JF said GM made her sign for the loan promising to pay Ha Ha.

Hope St. Braden can get this resolved soon. As for the church, nothing surprised me.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-11, 11:57AM CDT

Wish everyone would go to Sgt. Braden with all of their stories and proof to convict these people and put them away for a long time.

84e31f4b, 2013-03-11, 12:20PM CDT

anything new on gary maggio show lately? this fricken guy is like a celebrity now,he reminds me of the howard stern show, its like you always tune in to hear what he has to say,in this case you always tune in to find out who did he screw next and or if he's in prison yet!!!!!!

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-11, 12:22PM CDT

he was in and out last week read the comments above

84e31f4b, 2013-03-11, 12:41PM CDT

i know sweety i meant most recent,because thinks change every second with this pure excuse of a man

7a403b27, 2013-03-11, 06:55PM CDT

Just keep putting the pressure on this guy until he cracks. Even the best are bound to slip up now and then. Just watch that show on CNBC called "American Greed". Excellent show about con artists and how they all eventually get caught. Dont let this guy spend another summer down the jersey shore on out dime!

84e31f4b, 2013-03-12, 07:26AM CDT

right on bro,i'm doing my part spoke to sgt braden seems like he is on the ball with this,i hope something will be done. the more people come forward the better,but i think a lot of people are afraid,i hope im wrong. another thing i noticed is that his face is not posted anymore on njdoc i wonder what kind of pull he had to have that taken off because all of a sudden now the state says after one year the photos are removed? coincidental maybe because of exposure? on tv?

84e31f4b, 2013-03-12, 09:34AM CDT

that's strange because i think i saw him on tv he was at the conclave in rome

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-13, 08:01AM CDT

found out some things yesterday, more people are coming forward, different counties, the case may not be brought to passaic county, investigations are ongoing, they are finding out a lot more about GM.

Another Victim, 2013-03-13, 12:21PM CDT

I was pulled over by a police officer for being on the phone in Prospect Park and she asked who was on the phone, last calls. Of course, who else. I explain that I call constantly trying to get my money back and she said OMG I have him in my phone too, get out of the car and look at my phone. He tried to sell her a car but she had purchased another one. That was months ago but it shows how he works his way into local law enforcement. Mr. Nice Guy!

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-13, 08:30PM CDT

Is that the one JF scammed people out of?

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-14, 07:20AM CDT

Good luck with all of it! I have a story for you too.

If you watched the arnold diaz shame shame on GM you would have seen 2 checks given to the people to make up for his wrong doings. Well JF gave me identical checks to pay back her so called loan to me. Well her checks never cleared and I have them for proof. This all happened about the same time GM came up with those checks. It was my money that paid those people. I'm sure GM convinced JF to get the money from family. She fell for it and I never got paid back from JF, that is what I am in civil court with her for as we speak.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-14, 06:55PM CDT

I honestly believe JF knows exactly what is going on. She is just as much of a con as he is. Those checks that she gave me were from her own personal account. She never intended to have the funds in there. The funny thing is they were the same exact amount as what GM owed those people and he paid them right after I loaned JF the money. She took my money gave it to him. Promised to pay me in 2 weeks. Was a year Feb.

We are family imagine what kind of people they are! I will not let this rest. Don't care how long it takes.

84e31f4b, 2013-03-15, 06:55AM CDT

stay tuned for part 3 on shame shame shame coming soon at a theatre near you we need more exposure so more people don't get suckered in to his dasterly schemes the more the exposure your out of business gm,and you still own my mother money for that car you sold or rather stold,should i say. oh and we have a bottle of champagne ready to open when your in prison with your partner. still does the readings in church as if nothing happened. jf.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-15, 07:21AM CDT

The church knows about her and G. Both the Bishop and the priest at Gerards. Yet they still let her do her thing. Maybe they are forgiven by the church through confession. Yes that must be it!

84e31f4b, 2013-03-15, 08:36AM CDT

don't get me wrong when you make a mistake,i'm a firm believer in forgiveness,but when you keep on doing the same thing over and over again then your a hypocrite asking for forgiveness is one thing,everbody diserves a second chance!!!!!!! not a 3rd 4th 5th and so on and on because now your taking advantage of the world and all the lovely and honest people that sacrifice life everyday make a struggle to make ends meet.

84e31f4b, 2013-03-21, 10:54AM CDT

Revelation, chapter 14, verses 6 and 7:

read it to g.m, hope your reading this j.f.

Another Victim, 2013-03-22, 09:03AM CDT

The Messages of the Three Angels

6 Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people. 7 And he said with a loud voice, ?Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water.?

9b572ae3, 2013-03-22, 12:01PM CDT

Enough is enough. My family has been fractured for generations. As you read this, try to imagine living with the stigma of being his brother. No, we wouldn't bail him out. Here's a look into his makeup. His own mother, cancer ridden, finally realizing too late how long she protected him, wouldn't even talk to him, turning her face on her deathbed as he begged. His real father wouldn't admit Gary was his flesh and blood, allowing a lie of heritage to fester that keeps family members at odds to this day. His real father had a massive coronary failure, upon seeing that massive bills were amassed in his name by a son be never wanted, nor would ever acknowledge. He is angry at the world. He was conceived in a lie, and continues living that way. The man who was supposed to be his father died when he was nine. I am convinced he died sick from the truth he saw every day. It is right for Gary to be the star of a show with shame in the title. He's carried it all his life, and with it, a sociopathic quest to hurt others. He's conned his own family, and they were stupid enough to let him get away with it. He was enabled at the time he should have been put away. He has sickened all who carry his surname. He is a soulless cancer. My family applauds any and all legal means to prevent his hurting anyone else. My family, and moreover, my own spirit, cries out from this guilt by genetic association. I only hope I'm around for the day he's put away for good. He's the best at being the worst. I will now refrain from making any further comments, and hope yet again, as I have for decades, that this ends soon.

Another Victim, 2013-03-22, 01:12PM CDT

JF needs to be removed from St. Gerard's. She is involved and even though not convicted,

how can anyone tolerate listening to her read at the pulpit. Maybe this is a do as I say

not as I do church. Fr. Rijo stated that he believes GM can be rehabilitated. OMG! This

is incredible. If he lives with her or uses her address, she needs to get out!

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-25, 08:23PM CDT

It's very quiet in here lately. Is it the calm before the storm?

Time is running out. The sh_ _ is going to hit the fan. Won't be long now! Grand Jury will hopefully do the trick! Shame Shame on the scammers.

Sinful to pray on anyone expecially seniors and family members. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Gods words. Faith Hope Charity and most of all Love. What happened to these people! Wonder what judge will be hearing their case this time. GM and JF are still together I'm sure planning their next adventure. Maybe they are taking all the cash they scammed and going to move to another country.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-25, 08:24PM CDT

It's very quiet in here lately. Is it the calm before the storm?

Time is running out. The sh_ _ is going to hit the fan. Won't be long now! Grand Jury will hopefully do the trick! Shame Shame on the scammers.

Sinful to pray on anyone expecially seniors and family members. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Gods words. Faith Hope Charity and most of all Love. What happened to these people! Wonder what judge will be hearing their case this time. GM and JF are still together I'm sure planning their next adventure. Maybe they are taking all the cash they scammed and going to move to another country.

Another Victim, 2013-03-25, 10:11PM CDT

in the white pages since last night two more names appear Todd and Roman.

7a403b27, 2013-03-27, 05:21PM CDT

Have you tried contacting the detective from clifton that is investigating Gary from this most recent arrest? Im hoping the more people who contact him the more he will realize there's a major criminal past here. Then hopefully all this will snowball into a bigger case against him.

7a403b27, 2013-03-27, 05:24PM CDT

If anyone sees Gary around post up where you saw him, what he's driving, license plate numbers. Im sure there are a lot of people that would like to pay him a visit.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-03-27, 09:26PM CDT

If you are not getting anywhere with the police officers then I suggest you get all the evidence you have against him and take him to court. Everyone should do the same. If you want something done you have to do it yourself. Don't rely on any one. You can't believe everything you hear, and you can't believe in everything people say they are going to do. Words of experience! Just do it yourself!

2b16afab, 2013-04-09, 08:54AM CDT

We all need to get together and take the complaints to the Attorney General's Office. I spoke to the Clifton detectives and they are doing all they can, but because of the widespread area that GM has effected, they can only do so much. Lets start calling Attorney General Office with our complaints and see where it goes. And yes, the case is really that big. I know victims from all over the state.

Another Victim, 2013-04-09, 10:19AM CDT

It is not just this state, think more in terms of the USA. Very easy to check and follow the vin if you were one step ahead and

got it. This case is bigger than NJ. Watch for Arnold Diaz,

GM will be defending himself again real soon, as per the GM himself.

7a403b27, 2013-04-09, 05:37PM CDT

Any new updates on his court date, when is it? Has anyone seen Gary recently?

Another Victim, 2013-04-10, 11:47PM CDT

"your payment is delayed, your car is right here, the check didn't clear, and your title is in my hand"... a list of victims would

stretch miles. Who is higher than the Attorney General?

0a6c6bc8, 2013-04-11, 06:16AM CDT

People-It may take a long time to get what you deserve but if you don't act now it will never happen! Write to everyone you can think of. And keep doing it. Eventually, some one will listen! Maybe even to the President himself. I wonder if the IRS can get involved! GO DO IT!

Another Victim, 2013-04-13, 04:17PM CDT

The list: I can think of at least 8 people who have not gone forward. If I search

deeper and invade others privacy, I can think of another 8 or so. See what I mean?

GM is a selfish, irritating, full time career criminal. Every little amount he

owes you, document it, charge him with it.

Another Victim, 2013-04-15, 04:03PM CDT

A 4:10 pm today I saw GM driving a neon green Jeep on Rt. 20 Southbound, left lane in Paterson. Close behind was a bright yellow Hummer. Hmmmmmm did not see the driver. I

had just returned from my mechanic where I found that the work he had done on my car

was not done properly, half assed.

doug s., 2013-04-17, 03:44PM CDT

Gary took my vehicle to rebuild....long long time ago. Claims of a lot of work being done on it. Asks for $ for this than that....Last I saw it was in his parking lot in Haledon Apartment, havent seen it since. I have given Gary LOTS of money for this vehicle. Went to motor vehicle, said not in Fun Motor, or Garys name & was must likely sold to someone. Could you be this person? Vehicle is a Black Wrangler Jeep, automatic, black hard top, Veh VIN #HB505456 (8 last numbers) IT is being reported to Haledon NJ police Dept as a stolen vehicle. Has anyone seen this jeep? NJ DMV Det. is looking into locating owner.

doug s., 2013-04-17, 03:45PM CDT

Gary took my vehicle to rebuild....long long time ago. Claims of a lot of work being done on it. Asks for $ for this than that....Last I saw it was in his parking lot in Haledon Apartment, havent seen it since. I have given Gary LOTS of money for this vehicle. Went to motor vehicle, said not in Fun Motor, or Garys name & was must likely sold to someone. Could you be this person? Vehicle is a Black Wrangler Jeep, automatic, black hard top, Veh VIN #HB505456 (8 last numbers) IT is being reported to Haledon NJ police Dept as a stolen vehicle. Has anyone seen this jeep? NJ DMV Det. is looking into locating owner.

Another Victim, 2013-04-17, 05:50PM CDT

DMV if you are in NJ cannot tell you whose name it is in unless it is still in yours. I have never seen it. He has been out of Haledon a year. Out of Clifton about 6 months. Trace your vin. about $10. You will find the state it is in and run a carfax. Worth every buck to know where it is. Did you sign the title, did he have the title? DMV will tell you if a duplicate title was requested and issued. He may have sold it and someone else can't register it because they have no title. I received this advice, and got my answer, just sharing. Also,someone else who reads this site had an experience and it may have been the same Jeep. He didn't see it either. He has many cases with Haledon that go nowhere.

Another Victim, 2013-04-18, 03:22PM CDT

I hope by now you have spent the $40 to get your carfax. If you see that your car went to

auction, a dealer needed to be with him as he is not even though he says he is. Manheim is a large network of auto auctions. You can go to their website and print out every location in the USA if you need to, match it with the carfax. You have the VIN, keep going. Things happen so fast with GM, that before you know it you are in over your pockets and it takes time and then you wake up and say..... Oh! Holy crap.... I've been "you know what" and it wasn't even pleasurable. "Karma is such a bitch"!

0a6c6bc8, 2013-04-18, 03:59PM CDT

Seems the police dept. isn't doing anything to help.

Another Victim, 2013-04-18, 07:37PM CDT

Hope you are making progress with your Jeep tracking. Things move so fast with GM that by the time you wake up and realized "you have been you know what", and it was not pleasurable in any way he is on to the next victim. Unfortunately, as I found out today,

some people report him and still give him money which is like a domestic violence victim

dropping the order of restraint, Judges, courts and cops have no time to play with that.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-05-01, 11:43AM CDT

When the police are notified of his where abouts and they do nothing there is def something wrong with this system. If he has a warrant why are they not doing anything about it?

Another Victim, 2013-05-01, 06:47PM CDT

post info on county/town of warrant and hope he is on the phone and asked for ID as most people who have warrants get picked up on motor vehicle stops.

7a403b27, 2013-05-01, 09:25PM CDT

Hey if Gary owes you money then keep calling him for it. If you know where he's living then show up at his house. If you see him driving then follow him. Just harass the shit out of him. I mean whats he going to do call the cops on you?

Another Victim, 2013-05-07, 07:35PM CDT

Like he didn't take enough... found out so late that brakes were faulty on two cars,

don't even want to take apart the third and timing belt not done and yes, I paid dearly.

Thanks, GM, may karma kick your fat ass! See you in court, sure do hope you are on video

by then in orange.

7a403b27, 2013-05-28, 06:02PM CDT

Whats the latest on Gary? Wasnt he due in court last month from the most recent arrest?

Another Victim, 2013-05-28, 06:39PM CDT

Which arrest? We could keep him in court daily if everyone would come forward. Honestly,

the cops are really difficult to deal with. They say.... this is old... we have real crime. And, thinking about jf and the church, I have a suspicion that he has involved

the priest in this mess and weird he does not remember me. "oh I talk to so many people and I am so tired". What kind of crap is that from a priest.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-05-28, 08:02PM CDT

People do not give up, if we keep on bugging the police and anyone else that can help we might be able to help put GM and JF where they belong, in jail. I am in a personal battle in court and I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

If you have been scammed by either one of them do something about it. Don't wait any longer and keep trying. The courts have to do something don't you think?

Another Victim, 2013-05-29, 01:01PM CDT

Bergen County Grand Jury this month. Keep him going to court enough and he won't have any time left to con anyone. Only person he is conning right now is himself. Don't give up,

I agree. Problem we have is the folks that got some money back and say "it's ok, i got

most of it back forget it" quoted by a K of C victim. Every report, every complaint is

a paper trail of his intent and mindset. If you think time has passed and your case is just civil, any Judge can overturn civil into criminal when intent is established. GM's actions speak for themself. Other people say, it is too late, years have passed. The statute of liminations on motor vehicle theft by deception is 5 years. Title 2C... go to njcourtonline and see the 20 or more judgements that are not paid and then search the criminal data base if you don't want to believe how nasty GM is. He will sweet talk you to

your deathbed. If the police department does not want to take your report, explain that

the detectives involved want it done. Go back a second time. It is embarrassing, frustrating and time consuming. Other people are afraid. I cannot believe the stories I

hear. He impersonates a law enforcement official.... that is a crime, as well. DO NOT

SETTLE FOR A PAYMENT PLAN. You will get a couple payments and have to start all over again. If you are not certain if you have a case, get some free legal advice, amazing what is a case.... even if you get your vehicle back. Whatever information you have, report it and then search for your records. Det. Bracken from Clifton or Det. Williams from Ridgewood. Good luck to all and see you in court!

Another Victim, 2013-05-29, 01:07PM CDT

PS to my post. "I don't want to do anything because I won't get money", is another

comment when speaking to victims. Instead of a car meet, we should schedule a GM meet

and get to know each other. You would be surprised at how many times a car can change

hands and be sold and stolen time and again.

Another Victim, 2013-05-31, 01:40PM CDT

Thinking back to when GM's criminal record was put in my face and I confronted him, he called a Passaic County officer to come to verify that he was a good guy. NART was his

nickname, sat there and agreed "no problems". Is this his contact, the police protect

him instead of prosecute? I have tried to warn other people and they call GM to say someone is trying to upset them and they are not permitted to talk to me. I certainly

wish someone had grabbed a hold of me before I signed my check.

Another Victim, 2013-06-04, 09:14PM CDT


c/o Passaic County Jail

Marshall and Grand Street


Now we all know where to find him... at least for the next 72 hours or so depending on

the system. Jail automated information system is updated every 15 minutes.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-06-04, 09:21PM CDT

Wonder why this time.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-06-04, 09:21PM CDT

Wonder why this time.

Another Victim, 2013-06-04, 11:42PM CDT

call the jail inmate info and the recording will give you the charges and the bond and states may be other detainers, interesting he should wind up in the same facility with someone related to one of his victims...karma

Another Victim, 2013-06-04, 11:45PM CDT

30,000 cash/money order bond plus fees, has a new occupation, found another way to make


Another Victim, 2013-06-05, 12:31AM CDT

call the automated line for info, cash bail 30,000 plus fees, new job, new way to get money

Another Victim, 2013-06-05, 09:56AM CDT

check the automated phone system and you will hear the charges and bond 30,000 cash plus fees. new line of work and way to get money. Congrats to the detectives who picked up

on this.

0cc775f1, 2013-06-05, 06:34PM CDT

who was he arrested with?

Another Victim, 2013-06-05, 07:14PM CDT

June 24th court date for this offense, hope he has time on his court calendar. Guess we

will have to watch the news or read the papers for more information. No release scheduled

as of 7:30 pm this evening on the automated Passaic County Jail system.

Another Victim, 2013-06-15, 11:52AM CDT

As per jail voice system, 2nd charge posted "theft by deception" bail 50,000, first charge reduced from 30,000 bail on the credit card charge to 10,000. Whose case was this???? If you need to file a report, do so, you have his address now.

Another Victim, 2013-06-24, 08:55PM CDT

GM bailedbonded out on Sunday in time to put on his suit for court on Monday 24th. The legal system borders on the same edge that he does. The longer he is held, the less damage he can do. Ahhh, maybe that is the key, let him out to catch him again. Personally, I am tired of playing catch me if you can cat and mouse games. My detective

has not even made contact with me. What's the sense people say. Maybe they are right.

If I were GM, I'd watch my back cause there are a some really angry people out there.

Another Victim, 2013-06-30, 11:21AM CDT

Houdini is out and if you know of his whereabouts please post. No one can be processed without an address.

I agree that the law does not move quickly and we will not get our money or cars back.

Some of the responses from law officials is appalling. Maybe if any one of them had met

Gary Maggio, they'd be here complaining they lost their money, didn't get their car, don't

have titles. It goes on and on and still people are bailing him out. I'd bet if we got

Gus, then the circle might slow down a bit. Can't imagine how hard he pushed to come up

with the last 60,000 bail on top of the 85,000 posted in March.

Damaging (desecrating) his parents grave is a Title 2C offense. Those who go to the cemetery and do these things are no better than Gary. It is unacceptable and illegal to

mess with a person's last resting place. It will not get your car, your money and is

really a lowlife move .... not to mention expensive to remediate.

0a6c6bc8, 2013-06-30, 03:55PM CDT

You might be able to find him at the Shady Lane address. JF is in contact with him every day.

Good luck people!

Another Victim, 2013-06-30, 06:22PM CDT

probably posted his bail. did think about that. Shady Lane, couldn't be more appropriate!

7a403b27, 2013-07-04, 09:55AM CDT

Haha someone desecrated his parents grave thats funny. Well I guess everyone has there breaking point. This is getting fun to watch.

Another Victim, 2013-07-04, 10:15AM CDT

Totally not funny and a punishable crime. Really sick if you ask me. Why punish the rest of the family for Gary's misdeeds, no matter how bad they are, and no doubt they are. Now,

if you tow his cars away and hide them.... that would be some fun. Or get a hold of his sidekick and don't let him go... that would be fun. Capture JF so she can't get to the church to stand and read (disgrace really, criminals preaching the word)....All illegal but destroying property,nah, can't see that as fun. So many times cars have damage and broken windows and where does it get you? I have been woken up in the middle of the night and screamed at that I did some sort of revenge... Not a good conversation to wake up to.

Or, where is your kid, he did this and it turns out to be someone he screwed other than myself or family. He just has to get more money from someone else to fix them. And yes, we all have our breaking point. The grave didn't hurt anyone, his parents didn't take your stuff. Last resting place is scared IMHO..... no matter how much of a con he is.

Another Victim, 2013-07-04, 10:25AM CDT

to: 086c6bc8

How is your case going? Did JF pay up?

0a6c6bc8, 2013-07-04, 11:27AM CDT

JF did NOT pay up! The judgement is against her in court. Still an open case. Need I say more? Not giving up! Hope you all do not give up either!

Another Victim, 2013-07-04, 06:49PM CDT

Like getting blood from a stone.

0cc775f1, 2013-08-12, 04:00PM CDT

any news on Gary? or what he is up to these days???

0cc775f1, 2013-09-17, 04:09PM CDT

I hear gary Maggio is back in jail????

0a6c6bc8, 2013-10-04, 04:05PM CDT

I heard that too. Hope he stays in there for a long time for what he has done to so many people and J F should be next!

7a403b27, 2014-01-31, 07:21PM CST

Any latest news on Gary? Is he dead yet?

84e31f4b, 2014-03-27, 02:43PM CDT

yeah check on doc and type his name he got 4 years

84e31f4b, 2014-03-27, 02:44PM CDT

yeah check on doc and type his name he got 4 years

84e31f4b, 2014-03-27, 02:46PM CDT

yeah check on doc and type his name he got 4 years

84e31f4b, 2014-03-27, 02:47PM CDT

yeah check on doc and type his name he got 4 years

0cc775f1, 2014-03-27, 02:53PM CDT

SBI Number: 000333838A

Sentenced as: Maggio, Gary

Race: White

Ethnicity: White

Sex: Male

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Birth Date: July 17, 1953

Admission Date: October 11, 2013

Current Facility: CRAF

Current Max Release Date: October 3, 2016

Current Parole Eligibility Date: October 8, 2014

Another Victim, 2014-03-28, 08:36AM CDT

He got more years for another case, I heard 8 in total so far even though it does not show. He is listed as CRAF a temporary facility since October which is by no means a permanent placement more like lingering in purgatory. Feels good not to get false promises. Doesn't compensate though in any way.

84e31f4b, 2014-03-28, 12:10PM CDT

He"ll be out in a year and do the same b.s. He knows how to manipulate the system, he is one smart dude. That's his profession, people beware!!!!

94f8bd38, 2014-06-13, 11:44AM CDT

He's at Jones Farm in West Trenton doing time. I had the misfortune of having to do my time with this fat disgusting blowhard. He's also trying to get out early on the ISP program so any of you who were scammed by this worm should contact the prosecutors office and let your feelings be known.

Drop him a note to say hi

Gary Maggio SBI# 333838a

Jones Farm


West Trenton, NJ 08628

Another Victim, 2014-06-13, 12:07PM CDT

Thank you for your comment. We can all send him a birthday wish, like wishing you never get out. 7/17 There are many legal cases still pending court action ... the wheels move slowly and there is NO justice for what he has done to so many people, including me. Bet you could write a book! He was on ISP prior and worked for 8th Street Auto Body in Prospect Park, NJ. Let's just hope no one else will sponsor him. That is Bergen County Prosecutors Office, Hackensack, NJ who locked him up this time. Too bad, should have stayed in pleasurable CRAF.

94f8bd38, 2014-06-13, 01:59PM CDT

I do know that he is still going to court on occasion for 2 cases. One is in Bergen and the other Hudson county I believe. I took the liberty of having a friend check him out while I was in after getting sick of hearing him bloviate about how he owned this and that and had millions in the bank. The story that he tells everyone is that he's in prison for lending money. Imagine that!!! After finding out about the real GM I let all the guys inside know and ever since they have been tormenting him on a daily basis. What made them especially angry was how he ripped off the fundraiser for the little girl. 99% of inmates despise anyone who harms children in any way.

So spread the word and call the prosecutors offices to demand that this maggot do all of his time!!

Another Victim, 2014-06-13, 02:36PM CDT

Bah hah. I'm still paying 24.99% interest on "please please please please please, I have to take care of this. I guess that goes for all the old ladies he ripped off, too? I helped on that fundraiser, worked hard to get donations, learned a lot, but never saw what he was doing. What a sneaky SOB. Actually drove the van right off the dealers lot without a dime down! But the damage was done. It was too late so I took what I learned about fundraising and put it too good use for a friend's son and that's what you do in life... change the negativity into positive action. Awfully big for a maggot, ya think!

He took my son's aunt's car and sold it to a body shop. She never saw a dime. He took money from her sister with blah blah about who I know and so and so. There's more people out there that didn't get their cases to court. The police departments are not on the victims side and by the time they realize they've been scammed the cops laugh their asses off. Just saying. Keep tormenting guys. He woke us up at 5am when we couldn't even think straight and would continue til night. Then not answer his many phones where he calls himself. How is he managing without those phones!

Another Victim, 2014-06-13, 02:48PM CDT

Bergen County Prosecutor is 201-646-2300 but there is Passaic County involved - many not have gone to court yet - if you check the NJ Court system there is over 1 mil in judgments. He was arrested for probation violation I Bergen Co. but probation was handled out of Passaic County caseworker was Mr A .... Bergen County said to start there and go forward.

Another Victim, 2014-06-13, 03:20PM CDT

Gary's friend "the orange lady from Fair Lawn/LBI Tanning" skipped. Warrant out for her arrest. Can we get an update on Auntie June. Everyone over 70 is his aunt.

94f8bd38, 2014-06-13, 03:29PM CDT

From what I've witnessed he's on the phone constantly. Working some scam or another no doubt.

0a6c6bc8, 2014-06-13, 05:53PM CDT

Auntie J F is trying to go Chapter 7 that is all I can say right now. Keep us all posted please.

Another Victim, 2014-06-14, 01:29AM CDT

Must be talking to Wifey Gus!

doug s., 2014-06-17, 10:41AM CDT

Does anyone know where or what Gus is up to since Gary has been locked up? Still looking for my 89 jeep, ha ha. What ever happeded to the green plymouth road runner he had in the garage in Garfield?

doug s., 2014-06-17, 10:42AM CDT

Does anyone know where or what Gus is up to since Gary has been locked up? Still looking for my 89 jeep, ha ha. What ever happeded to the green plymouth road runner he had in the garage in Garfield?

Another Victim, 2014-06-17, 12:59PM CDT

Did u Carfax your vin you will see the jeep trail. As for Gus last known was Bergen field. Stop by...he will deny everything.

Another Victim, 2014-06-17, 07:01PM CDT

Gone.... and he does not have the garage. Got that guy,too.

0cc775f1, 2015-01-27, 01:46PM CST


0cc775f1, 2015-01-27, 01:46PM CST


Another Victim, 2015-01-27, 05:47PM CST

parole????? right cops say stealing money is not a crime. Time for a petition to keep him in or hope that all the other cases catch up with him and give him some more room and board. my mother had a stoke over this and nothing will ever make it right.

brad v., 2015-07-08, 01:06PM CDT

Gary is a PIECE of SHIT! he will steal from anyone! he stole from my mother and even stole from his own family. if you don't know this by now and don't heed all the hundreds of warnings about this scumbag, then you will deserve it when he steals from you.. and he will!

email me anytime and ill give you all the details of what an absolute low life this absolute criminal is.

Another Victim, 2016-02-06, 01:25PM CST

Now that Gus (the sidekick)has passed on June 20, 2015, how will Gary reach out to his victims from CRAF. Eligible for parole 5/27/16 unless another case heard and sentenced.

A great time to write to the parole board on behalf of all those who did not prosecute or are waiting in line to have their cases heard.

0cc775f1, 2016-02-06, 01:31PM CST


0a6c6bc8, 2016-02-06, 01:45PM CST

June and Gary should rot in hell! They are both scum!

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